NRA delegates reject calls for stricter gun controls as Trump speaks at convention

You cannot outlaw tragedy – but we can make America safer. That’s what President Biden declared today – promising to take the necessary action to protect lives in the wake of Tuesday’s school shooting in Texas.


Just across the state, to the echo of protests outside – America’s National Rifle Association is holding its annual convention – with delegates rejecting calls for stricter gun control measures.


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  1. No one is talking about the LACK OF SECURITY at the school. A week before this happened I went to a local public school and was shocked there was almost zero security and no one checked my ID. Where was the police? Bad people will always get guns, even if we make it illegal.

  2. Literally brainwashed, conditioned over time to think that guns are the only answer. Take a look across the world generally all laws are more relaxed across the whole planet compared to the USA. Why not put down the guns move with the times ??

  3. Whenver any school schooting happens the liberal media tries to make us feel bad for owning guns, while simultaneously profiting off the suffering of people. Guns don't kill ,people do. We should look at the mental health of America instead politicising the issue. I would argue that if the circulation of guns was increased by 2x or even 3x time literally no one will die of gun violence, and at this point we should treat guns as an extension of ourselves (like our phone) carry it everywhere, be ready to pull the trigger in any situation and btw this whole situation could've been avoided of the teachers were armed maybe we should look into that too.

  4. Fake news officers were waiting outside and because of the guilt of doing nothing disobeyed command and finally did force their way in, there was a girl bleeding out that could have been saved, one of the few moments that police came fast to protect the public and was ironically told to stand down

  5. It's simple make the age of being able to arm at 25 when the brain is fully developed and away from education into the real world to prevent school shootings.

    Reduce what weapons can be used. If its for self defence then shotguns and pistols only as the aim in mass shooting is to kill a mass of people for the attention it brings. No one should be using a AR 15 as self defence. You americans have zero common sense. 🙄

  6. Even they should have called for Zelensky to investigate whether the gunmen who carried out both the Buffalo and Texas shootings were enticed and idolized by war crimes and propaganda committed by Russians during the war in Ukraine, and Putin's monstrous ideology.

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