Nightly News Full Broadcast – Nov. 20

Chaos erupts at Atlanta Airport amidst Thanksgiving travel, Protests across the U.S. over Kyle Rittenhouse trial verdict, and CDC greenlights Covid boosters for all adults.

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  1. Portland's okay with riots and burning buildings but not for someone defending their life, what idiots, they would sing a different tune it was their child being attacked!!!!

  2. Let ppl keep the money on the road… Cmon… finders keepers… you dropped it.. now threaten charges. Leave ppl alone

  3. The reality of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving was consisted of 7 large loaves and 7 large stewed whales, But not a turkey.


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    2. Virus-Free-COLD-CLIMATES, e.g. Iceland, Mongolia, Norway.
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    4. Virus-Free-ARID-ZONES e.g. Dubai, Bahrain, South Israel.
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    10. 2021-Abandonments-of-medium-&-high-rise-buildings-may-lead-to-cities-falls.
    Reference [1] "EINSTEIN, His Life and Universe", #1-nyt-bestseeller, Walter Isaacson.

  5. Pls. QUIT saying "Breaking News" You're devaluing real important news to boost ratings… You already have us watching (for now) DON'T push it! This will be a topic at TG'ing dinner – Guarateed!

  6. Rittenhouse is a dweeb. He's free cuz your kid ran at a guy with a loaded AR-15. Not a smart move. . . Shows what happens in a mob mentallity. The whole thing is stupid 😂

  7. People are so stupid now a days, there is accident w a truck where money is flying everywhere, they film themselves getting the money!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  9. Revelation: Covid 19 is the first beast out of sea, the second beast are the leaders who force us to worship the first beast. Why? I saw the beast coming out the sea, where is Corona from?

  10. Hmm, dude brings loaded gun, safety off, at one of the world's busiest airports. Can't get anymore American than that.

  11. We all know the authorities will properly collect all the $$$$$ money, picked up by commuters and return all of it to whom it belongs…

  12. If they let a person like that in into politics they must be out of their mind he has no sense of right from wrong

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