Next Steps For Biden Admin, Congress Following Leak Of Authentic Roe V. Wade Draft

NBC News’ Kristen Welker reports on how Democrats will proceed following the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade. NBC News’ Pete Williams explains the singularity of a such a draft being leaked.
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  1. These unnecessary abortions are just as bad as throwing bodies into a gas chamber then taking the dead bodies and burning them in a furnace. What a disgrace America has truly become. What we're doing with these killings is just as bad as the Holocaust just as bad as their hero Stalin Lennon and mou. Let's not forget Pol pot. These abortions continue in America like this will overlaps all those killings from the Communists in history

  2. When it comes to this abortion crap. We've had more abortions in America than when they had the Holocaust killings in world war II. We've killed more children in America then the combined women children and Men of the concentration camp deaths. Just seeing a very scary fact


  4. Can the democrats ,who control all 3 levels of government, not pass legislation that codifies Roe v Wade? I know the republicans can filibuster in the senate but can’t the dems nuclear the filibuster like the republicans did when it’s an issue that pressing to them?

  5. I honestly hope everyone who voted for them is getting exactly what they wanted. Hopefully y’all can’t afford you mortgage much longer and I can buy your houses on the low low. That or you will starve and I can get it that way

  6. The American Communist Party (GOP) final solution in controlling women's right.
    This is an effort led by trump the MAGA (Moscow Agent Governing America). And you wonder why trump admires putin, the Butcher of Ukraine for killing innocent people including children and bombing hospitals and shelters? Just like Hitler did during WW2.

  7. This administration, fake as it is, it's so evil that I'm afraid they were part of the plan to expose the righteous decision the supreme Court was going to make. I pray that the supreme Court will follow through with that decision and hand over abortion law to the states. Maybe some human lives will be saved.

  8. How about transgender rights? Can they get a abortion? A trans woman should be allowed to have one after 6 weeks. Let's be equitable about this. They can't be left out of this debate. Hopefully Newsom in California will be equitable about this. He loves making liytq laws and they should be included. A trans woman should be allowed a abortion as well as be able to get non gender color clothes at the store as well.

  9. Until Biden and Garland grow a spine and show some courage to hold trump accountable, we will be dealing with constant attacks by this insane cult to undermine the biden administration and to make it constantly fail and appear weak and inept…
    So until biden or Garland "grow a pair".. be ready for constant attacks to democracy

  10. Anti abortion, no maternity leave… America in 2022 leads the world with backward laws. Backward people?


  11. The SUPREMACIST COURT of the USA is the foundation upon which the GOP-MAGA Confederacy will build an autocracy by sabotaging American democracy. The Court plans to drag America back fifty years by taking away women’s right to legal abortion, thus “making America great again”! That is just the first of many retrograde judgments!

  12. Betrayal of the court! Betrayal of the people more like it! Its the egregious act by thecJustices who are acting on their own religious, partisan and personal beliefs and not for the good of the people.

  13. US has the most extreme abortion laws/policies on the planet – we are up there with China and North Korea! Most countries do not have elective abortion after 22 weeks.

  14. Remove all of the CROOKED Judges and declare Martial Law over the Godam Confederate Red States today! They are going to do it to us if we wait for the next crooked rigged election they have created. We are at war with these Trailor Trash KKK/Nazi's! Go Getum Joey before they replace DEMOCRACY! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

  15. The only thing that will get codified is the fact that Schumer and his wackos are now reaping the whirlwind of their decisions to be complete donkeys. No worries, everyone will soon forget about this by the time mid-terms roll around – thanks for the early leak, whoever you are !!

  16. It probably done by woke culture activist and its supporters. That person should get big jail time. Most likely before leaving office President Biden will give a pardon

  17. One thing for sure, Biden is not the guy who will be successful in getting congress to codify the Roe decision. He couldn't get congress to do anything. He's just very lucky that this fiasco came along to distract everyone from the non-stop fiascos his administration is responsible for.

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