Newly-Released Audio From Interviews Shows Trump's Thoughts On Jan. 6

Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker joins Morning Joe to discuss newly-released audio from interviews he along with Carol Leonnig conducted with former President Trump for the new book ‘I Alone Can Fix It’.

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Newly-Released Audio From Interviews Shows Trump’s Thoughts On Jan. 6


  1. Finally, the correct thing is being done by exposing the January 6 actors and punishing them. By this we may get our country back on course.

  2. Of course the police let them go… if you had a crowd that big out number you, I’d let them go to. Stop using security Trump and see how long you last

  3. Trump's Supreme Judges Didn't Want To Hear The Case Because They Knew You Was Lying ! They Knew Trump Lost Fair And Square Trump Had No Proof of Fruad ! Now Republicans Voters Did Fraud Voting For Their Dead Wife's, Voting For Their Dead Mother's 🤔🤷🏽

  4. Every single person here knows exactly how the MSM, the Democrat's, Joe Biden, and his Tech Oligarchs stole the 2020 election. Let's see you do it again in 2022 and 2024. Bring it on.

  5. 5 people lost their lives on Jan. 6th. God bless thier souls. At least 25 people lost their lives during so called peaceful protests. What happened Jan 6th was wrong no different then all the riots, lootings, fires set by looters Arsonists and violent Antifa/BLM SO CALLED PROTESTERS /THIEVES!!
    Only difference is dems don't like it when it's happening in their neighborhood/Capitol building. Why didn't they stand up for everyday Americans whose businesses were burning and being stolen from?
    They want the vote from all those people so why would they say what they're doing is wrong. If Capitol PROTESTERS were wrong so wasn't PROTESTERS everywhere else.

  6. I can't believe nobody witnessed the capital police all holding hands and singing Cumbia while ushering them in the capital with all that love . I'm really surprised …

  7. If he really want to get engaged he should look at the Congressional vote totals in Arizona, Georgia, and Texas. The Republicans got more votes than him. Heck they even got more votes than Biden in individual battlegrounds of Arizona and Georgia.

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww But who cares if 45 is disappointed his big cheat didn't work for his personal good. His good is not an issue. It is the "common good" that matters, for which principle he has utterly failed.

  9. Every supposive dead person was tracked down…the only dead person who someone voted for was out of nevada..trump the gop this person and that person..everyone this side of Pluto was talking about this proves there dead man case..remember husband who could have done this to my dead wife..well no one is talking about it now WHY NOT..oh ya husband this last week plead guilty for voting for his wife and since he voted twice for trump shhhhhh..need to keep it a secret

  10. Comical he states “protect the constitution but his head man Steve and the other Steve said they want to tear the constitution up” !!

  11. It's amazing wow fake news MSNBC can See the real President Trump's THOUGHTS wow what some magical god like talent of the FN MSNBC

  12. If the FED had the authority to legislate STATE elections there would be NO REASON for the VOTER RGIHTS BILL AND JOHN LEWIS BILL.

  13. The democrats lied to the FBI about trump and bugged his room are they facing charges? Nope they are running the country to the ground. Even after all bidens botches high gas prices loss of jobs pretty much never making a good decision ever people are still distracted by trump thx to the bias media.

  14. There was an investigation into several places on the election and it found that there was widespread fraud MSNBC so take that

  15. Trump knows 2 words – rigged and hoax. He doesn't even know the definition of the latter. Donny, buy a dictionary. Or maybe your problem is you have forgot the alphabet.

  16. Satan must be jealous of the lies Trump keeps getting away with. As the Repub's go down the yellow brick road, they need to look up B4 the house falls on them. Justice is getting closer. Inmate Trump is a nice title

  17. With all due respect, I hope that Donald Trump will soon rest in peace so that our nation can begin to heal.

  18. He lies so much that he believes his own lies that makes him a very dangerous person one thing I know for sure he con a lot of people

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