1. Republican leader …thats funny..this guy got jokes ..a republicant couldnt lead a starving dog to food w..i mean just look at thier messiah who squatted in the white house four years ..and accomplished zero ..he couldnt even organize a attack and win against 50 old capitol security guards on jan 6th ..it was hilarious watching those meth heads and fat trailer trash tryna get up the steps ..

  2. Trap a book does he even know how to read I thought he always had somebody read to him oh well if anybody buys that book that shows you how simple they are there are racist and they know it so you people that think that you're better than anybody else we all know who you guys are. Hahaha

  3. Screw Donald Trump I was hoping he’d be in Christmas jail with Bubba but my wish hadn’t come through yet he can go to hell as far as I’m concerned I’ve had a dislike for this guy for over 40 some years because of the way he is

  4. This is why they are all refusing to go before the committee. Trump knows all of their dirty little secrets. Makes the midterm elections even more important. We cannot let this man back in. Republicans hope if they stall long enough they will get majority back and all will be swept under the rug.

  5. That's right! The Republicans are willing to throw USA Constitution & the American People under the bus for their own political motives. SICK, DERANGED, they all need to be punished for the rest of their lives. Never to be able to hold a political office. Jail time & every other thing justice can throw at their heads.

  6. I will be on the lookout for trump to fade…his brand of insanity won’t last forever and the barely informed will tire of trump’s brand of entertainment…his display of anger and hate has a limited shelf life…trump’s brand will go the way of all things…his, to the dustpan of history.

  7. What is so astounding is that republicans will not hesitate to bring this horror back so long as they retain power. Vote as if your life depends on it because it does. Let’s all protect our country from these monsters. We have the power, vote please.

  8. The only way that the charade will stop is by prosecuting Trump for his many treasonous actions and putting him behind bars and then throw the key away. This is a horrible monster. If you are religious you are watching the fight between good and evil. But do you know who is always the winner? Of course GOD. Satan is just a very sore looser and he will always lose, always.

  9. Trump & the Republican Party really are identical in that neither one gives a hoot about the American people; it’s merely about staying in, or regaining power over our country. We know full well that he’s going to make another run for it. McConnell & McCarthy have been working OT to keep Biden’s agenda’s from fruitions, so I fear that those Americans who generally vote Republican, but for the sake of sanity & safety, voted democrat this past election, might be swayed to vote for him again. The thought may be since he can’t then run again in 2028, so no worries about another insurrection right? Wrong! We know quite well now that he loves executive power! My prediction is that he would go straight to the SCOTUS branch and insist on removing Presidential term limits. He might be an old goat already, and losing bats in his belfry by the week, but he’s all about the image of wealth & power, and retribution against those who he deemed done him wrong. The MF’er is just to creepin’ crazy to die himself, so he’s gonna take the whole friggin’ country with him when he causes WW3. We the people will be the casualty if he ever gets back in our house.

  10. Jeeez I've never seen a more doctored comment section. What a bunch of brainless loons you all are. It's a good thing they removed the dislike button. Dislikes are harder to remove than comments.

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