Neither the farmers, nor the Congress will step an inch back until the 3 black laws are repealed

Detain us, arrest us, handcuff us.
But know that all your coercive tactics will go in vain.

Neither the farmers of India, nor the Congress party will step an inch back until the 3 black laws are repealed.


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  1. It is not formers protest we are also formers,but we support the new amendment, Thak modu for that.
    If few formers protest with Congress support let them continue, nation is for all,not for congress goons alone.

  2. अभी तो ये अंडाई है वाकी पड़ी लडाई है= देश के दलालो को एक धक्का और दो=B J P भगाओ देश वचाओ= गली गली में शोर B J P चोर है= खा गया आता पी गया तेल चे देखो मोदी का खेल=

  3. हमारा नेता कैसा हो=राहुल गांधी जैसा हो

    चोर जासूसो कीसरकार इनका कर दो तडीपार

  4. एंटोनियो माइनो सपना देख रही है कि मेरा पुत्त पीएम बनेगा लेकिन पीएम तो छोड़ो वह तो किसी सफाई कर्मचारी के भी लायक नहीं बस एक नेहरू गांधी खानदान नाम जुड़ा है वरना इसको तो कोई अपने ऑफिस में चपरासी भी ना रखें यह बेवकूफ चुनाव के समय 15 सो रुपए में राफेल बेच रहा था पता नहीं कौन सा सस्ता नशा करके आता है इस देश के ऊपर यही तो कलंक है और चमचे मूत्र पान करने वाले सुबह ही मूत्र सेवन कर लेते हैं

  5. CONGRESS IS A BANE TO INDIA During the peak of Covid 2nd wave, where were these so call leaders? What were positive contibution during wave? Only know how to condemn     Even my 5 yr old can scream, shout, throw tantrums

  6. They are making themselves relavant. They cannot see the benefits of Farm Laws. They WANT INDIA TO REMAIN BACKWARD. There is a need to restructure the way things are grown, transported, stored and distributed

  7. Calvanize the whole nation into a moment to save the nation. Send out youths congress to every village and tell the people how India is being reduced to poorest country in the World during the last seven years. Incomes are decreasing everyday but expenditure are increasing. Gas price has increased to 900 from 400 during the last seven years, petrol price has increased from 60 to 100 per litre, dal, oil and milk, the essential goods prices has double. If this trend continue another five years, india will be worse than African countries. Ask them which govt will they choose: sarkari that provide food and clothes or sakari that only promises and make their lives miserable.

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