Neal Katyal: DOJ Decisions, Bad For Trump, Are ‘Pro Rule Of Law’ Decisions

The DOJ refused to block ex-Trump officials from testifying about his efforts to overturn the 2020 election and refused to defend Rep. Mo Brooks in a lawsuit for inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection in which Trump is also named. Neal Katyal discusses the implications of these rulings that did not go well for “Trump and his minions” and could expose Trump to criminal liability: “The truth is going to come out. These folks will be held accountable.”
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  1. The police who testified on Tuesday are heroes!!! Everybody who incited violence on January 6th and everybody complicit of what happened on January 6th deserve to be handcuffed!!!

  2. As more legal heat is applied, The Teflon Don's corrupt coating is beginning is wear off. This goes to show you that what slides off you one day, sticks like glue on another.

  3. I think Tom Barrack is charged with paying Trumps personal bills with foreign money, and, what’s worse, is that Trump appears to have bragged about withholding aid unless a prosecutor looking into Trump’s sons foreign slush fund employer was fired – and he was in fact fired. Trumps son was apparently using part of the foreign money he received to pay Trumps personal bills (indirectly funneling part of the foreign money to his dad). Trump is denying any knowledge of his sons business of selling access to his dad, and Trump seems to be lying and saying he never met with the foreign groups doing “business” with his son, yet photos and emails now seem to prove that’s a flat lie. And Trump is a known racist, saying he opposed desegregation because his kids would go to school in a “jungle” if blacks were allowed in. But Trumps intellectually stunted supporters just make excuses and pretend none of it exists. Oh, wait. This is all Biden and his son, lol.

  4. A great day for Justice. Finally, the law weighs in and 45 gets closer to accountability. Looks like Donnie and his minions in Congress will have some Answering to do… legally…YAHOO!

  5. Cnn and Msnbc is now considered to be the most hated, dishonest news media outlets in the United States. They work for the elite that want to divide our country so they can enrich themselves. People like pelosi and the biden political thugs are destroying our country. Wake up people. They are using this virus as a political weapon .

  6. There must be a "Nuremberg" level inquiry into the Trump/GOP crimes, including punishment. Unlikely that will include actual gallows as in Nuremberg, but at least significant time in prison. If not, the country has been betrayed.

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