NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 9th, 2021

The CDC says fully vaccinated students and teachers don’t need to wear masks indoors, new wave of arrests in assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, and President Biden urges Vladimir Putin to stop criminal hackers during phone call.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:47 Vaccine Booster Confusion
06:00 Americans Arrested In Haiti Assassination
07:58 President Biden Warns Putin
09:10 Taliban Takeover In Afghanistan?
14:33 Billionaire Space Race
16:09 Priced Out: Inequity In Property Taxes

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  1. IF CURRENT EFFORTS CAN'T STOP THE VIRUS, CAN HALF A MILLION VIRUS-FREE ISLANDS DO IT? IN WARM ZONES ~8,000 in AU,~7,000 in PHL,~300 in UAE,~200 in GRC; OR IN COLD-ZONES~200,000 in SWDN,~188,000 in FNLND,~55,000 in NRWY,~52,000 in CNDA,~2,000 in ESTNIA; or in Domestic-Arid,Cold,Beach-Areas?

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    viii. Modern-tech/clean-diet/clean-air/Mix guided by 175-180-Y/O Avraham, Sarah, Ytshack Diet?.

    Answer-not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him, [26:4,King Solomon]
    The-most-dangerous-person is the one presenting the truth in a room. [Plato]
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  2. Hopefully increased measures to protect students going back to school regarding shootings will be taken seriously. Many children have been off a whole year or more from school, the spillover effect from the world, media, parents compounded on our youth may increase their desire to act out with violence against their peers. Hopefully there won’t be increased school shootings this year, however, I pray that there is an increased readiness to face these mass casualties.

  3. get these guys out of there dont talk about just be about biden no time for a press confrence rn biden hurry tf up these guys fought for our freedom

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  5. Vietnamese working in nail salons promote up. Somalis driving taxis move up to nail salons. Afghans take over cabs….

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  11. 50% tax rate in a home worth $1500. What’s the problem? Vs. 15% on a home worth 100k? It’s all relative. They can’t charge you $50 and give you city services – they aren’t allowed to keep it for profit they use it to support the city. If the city wasn’t as dumpster fire taxes would go down – keep voting democrat they have been in Detroit for 5 decades.

  12. Didn’t the US leave Vietnam and thousands were killed. Why would someone help the US only to be left at the slaughter house

  13. The translators will be waiting a while. We Americans can't even get a straight answer from our own government about mask wearing, unemployment, rental or stimulus.

  14. @NBC Nightly News: isn’t possible that Russia’s President Putin is involved in these cyber attacks? Putin doesn’t seem to concerned about his country’s hackers. If I were Biden, I would stop helping aid to Russia until these hacker attacks stop.

  15. I fully understood COVID 19. Thus I do not believed what anyone say. I worn Mask always, practice social distancing, & practiced good hygiene. And yet when I am out in public I feels some of the COVID 19 entered my system. No different after I got vaccinated. I trust no one. I will do all the preventions intil COVID 19 is 100% irraticated.

  16. Truth be told since they both have pink ears they both have political power they both rich they both shake hands I don't trust no one I am THE LAST VICTIM AMEN HOPEFULLY I CAN DISAPPEAR WITH THE REST OF THE VICTIMS IN THE MATRIX SMART TVs dummy you will see JAY again my friend

  17. Removing monuments isn't gonna stop or be a flashpoint for racism….the not working of ISSUES of racism…..is what keeps racism….alive….and believing what you hear on social media and certain political idiot's say about racism is what's driving racism ……racism is a political motivator……people who hate…..don't want true peace….people with commonsense aren't racist

  18. These Afghans are absolutely the immigrants who need to be allowed into this country immediately. Time cannot be wasted.

  19. masks are not supported scientifically unless they are N-95…kids don't need them at all. Fauci is a criminal

  20. So comical. Biden warning Vladimir Putin “again” this administration will do NOTHING. You can bet your money on that.

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  22. I hope Biden starts that Alzheimer's medication immediately, he desperately needs it to become functional.

  23. I literally can't believe we are sitting hear listing to our government talking about how to to get at our children under eleven for Re-education……I mean covid …..go China…black lives matter…losers..

  24. I just want to thank Big tech and mainstream media for teaching us that we can ban the speech of The President of The United States of America from all platforms and I appreciate them showing us that the Commander in Chief and leader of the free world doesn't have freedom of speech and when they banned the Chief Executive officers speech they banned all the co equal branches simultaneously

  25. This is ridiculous you can't even support the American people who are homeless yet our government continues to help other countries when they can't even help themselves oh sorry I meant help others in America

  26. If drug companies start curing stuff like althiemers and not just suppressing symptoms they and all Healthcare industry will go bankrupt ..

  27. Look out, NBC: Ugly Toxic Poop Guy is running his disgusting commercials during YOUR newscast.

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