NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – July 16, 2021

Cases of Covid-19 are on the rise in children, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg pushes for President Biden’s infrastructure package, and wildfires in the west are likely to increase over the weekend. 
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  1. Stop feat mongering!..You better investigate how this horror started and who should be accountable!..Dr.Fauchi and his Chinese friends!..

  2. flu shots did no good the flu is still lingering there will also be diseases vaccines do no good it can destroy a healthy immune system

  3. They will say anything to NOT EDUCATE THIS GENERATION OF KIDS!!! Watching close i see where these kids are passed w/no school work done! Absolute 100% failure is passed to the next year teacher who passes the child. Floriduh education at it's finest…

  4. Don't believe the news that yes lying they want you to take the Visine we're trying to get everybody sick for a reason

  5. I love the psychological,gaslighting,and shaming tactics,all because people are choosing not to put poison into their body.

  6. @US Congress:Economy Rescue Plan :3,5 Trillions$
    For the folks who fear high inflation rate,they have to understand that the actual percentage of this amount who will affect the inflation rate (monetary mass as defined now by the World bank,IMF,OECD and other organisations) is the percentage distributed as salary for workers and/or Net Profit to be made by the Corporates.
    For instance,from 3,5 Trillions$ investment :
    *10% distributed as salary
    *20%distributed as net Profit
    =Total of 30% of 3,5 =1,05 Trillion $
    Among this 1,05 Trillion who will really affect the inflation is the percentage used in the consumption of final products i.e total destruction of the money(for instance people who will buy food products to eat)
    On this other hand,if we consider that the 1,05 Trillion$ will all affect the inflation rate,it should be reported not only to the Forecasted GDP (Around 21 Trillions$) but to the total monetary mass which is evaluated now between Scriptural money & Fiduciary money to 60 Trillions$.
    So the expected inflation rate in this case will be:1,05 by 60=1,75%
    All these troubles for both chambers of the congress for 1,75% to be added to the current one around 3% i.e 4,75%.

  7. @Dear Ivanka Trump:
    You don't need to be far from Donald Trump but you can be the best person to convince him ,Mitch and some members of his camp to stop creating problem and let the country move on together.

  8. @USA:
    Dear Folks,
    I see that you are still delivering a battle between Democrats & Republicans while i am considering myself representing both.
    Sometimes,you will find my ideas fitting with Democrat ideology and sometimes with Republican's one.
    I belong to the 1st party of USA the Democrat-Republican Party founded in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson.I feel capable to represent both parties and for sure i will my values somewhere between them.
    That's why may be the next name of the country might be:
    *United Kingdom of America instead of United States of America.

    *Ellen & Oprah:Please take note of this Historical moment of my 1st official declaration about the future name of the country.

  9. Organs are expensive and so are people that do "organ sales". Never again is all we need trashes from another church.

  10. That is correct. Please stop disabling people heavily. Europe is capable of voting for the right thing def. Without involvement. Again, some things are important for anticorrultion cases unless everyone is disabled, right? So please add another person.

  11. Where at those bewaring safety ways wear A mask washing your hands literally prevents being unknowledgeable

  12. Ja ja ja ja ja is A remarkable remember that I did tell you each so beware EVEN THOSE MOTHERS because are THE ONLY ONES looking on their children behave

  13. Soon people will be eating their dogs n cats when the toilet paper n weaves run out, lawn darts for alls.

  14. i dont care what the internet articles are saying about the vaccine good or bad, i simply do not trust it base on what i have seen. not all news are saying the truth so you are responsible for what u put in ur body, not them

  15. "It took just 8 years to go from the Obama admin denying that they spy on our cell phone data to the Biden admin nonchalantly saying they'll
    fact-check our text messages."

  16. The Pentagon is not there for you America. As the reporter said 'they are playing it down'.
    Refusal to acknowledge they provide the means to would-be terrorists, fascists, dictators and assassins.

  17. We are late with this…but it is a new industry…the Russians sent into space old, young, black, white, animals, at least four decades before the US. Know real history or be dammed.

  18. Racism and white supremacy effect everything. White supremacist did not want black people knowing there population was growing in the US. So they will claim black people are only 13%. This lie allows them to say we get disproportionately effected by covid.

  19. I cannot believe a year and half into this pandemic people are still asking what can be done to keep kids safe. Total BS. Put a mask on your kid, social distance and control who has access to them.

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