Musk to Reverse Trump’s Twitter Ban, Subpoenaed Phones Disappear & Pretend MAGA Republican Dr. Oz

There is a nationwide shortage of baby formula in the US, Elon Musk says that he will reverse Trump’s Twitter ban if his deal to buy the company goes through, Trump claims he no longer has any of the cell phones that were subpoenaed by the State of New York, the January 6th Committee has questioned almost a thousand people and are reportedly still on the fence about interviewing Trump or Pence, Dr. Oz is running for Senate and is trying very hard to be a MAGA Republican, OAN has finally been forced to fess up and run a segment admitting there was “no widespread voter fraud” perpetrated by Georgia election workers in 2020, the trailer for Avatar: Way of Water has been released with a familiar superstar addition to the cast, MMA light heavyweight Joel Bauman delivered a very honest post-fight interview, Tom Brady has lined up his next gig, and Jimmy chats with a textbook reviewer from Florida about what doesn’t fall in line with their idea of “family values.”

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  1. *Twitter Trump Tweeting*

    Trump rocks in the tree tops all day long
    Hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singing his song

    All the little birds on Jailbird Street
    Love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet
    Rockin' robin.tweet.tweet.tweet
    Rockin' robin.tweet, tweedle-lee-dee

  2. Jimmy,talk to your idiot audience about the recent data that shows 50% of Bidens Twitter followers were fake.U should at least let them know that they are the minority .

  3. Please lecture the country on guns more. Jimmy says we should all give our guns away to the government. That means there won't be anymore school shootings. Guy is a prophet.

  4. Of course, the phones are missing. When it comes to criminal activity, "Wannabe-King TeeRump" is a pro. He needs to stay out of political life …period.

  5. Elon has brought space travel back to the US and almost single-handedly kick started electric vehicles, advanced battery tech and solar energy . He has no reason to kiss up to or even like Trump or the far right who despise anything green. Maybe he's thinking Dirty Donny will just have one more opportunity to stick his foot in his….whatever.

  6. Biden supports motor industry (Musk's competition) … Musk buys global media platform … Unblocks Trump … uses platform to help tinpot orange dictator win next election … rewarded with Whitehouse endorsement and access to resources and political influence… Fascism rises / World burns 🔥

  7. yeah, jokes about herpes are never funny. herpes is very common and joel should be applauded for destigmatizing something that is a part of life. literally almost everyone has herpes; chickenpox is herpes, mono is herpes, cold sores are herpes, shingles is herpes. use your large platform for good, not negativity.

  8. Imagine how depressed jimmy would be if trump didn't exist he would have literally nothing to talk about

  9. Dam are we ever gonna get rid dam trump he's a threat to our country a terriost who wanted to bomb Mexico he should be in a federal pen locked up for ever

  10. What would you do with out former President. Trump? You only pick on him. Biden has twice as many things you could make a comedy routine. Your show is no longer funny, If you love Biden, hope you like the gas prices, the insane inflation , the 2 million illegals, that Biden wants to give 450,000.00 each and they all get free cell phones.

  11. Love that light heavyweight interview. Like the old joke. I had herpes one time but it went away.

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