Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 14

President Biden doubles down on his calls for federal voting protections, Covid-19 cases are rising the U.S. after months of decline, and June consumer prices rise at the fastest rate in more than a decade. 

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  2. The leadership of the U S in particular the republicans are quickly becoming the masters of the national self inflicting wound as a result of their childish alienating attitude keeping the U.S. at an economic standstill when so much needs to be done !

  3. They make it seem like there's just nothing at all you can about covid except take a shot… What if another Breakthrough Variable comes through that the vacancies don't work on … Are not supposed to even try taking alternative medicine and vitamins ? That's been around for decades … When had Covid I did everything humanly possible to fight it and won At Home… I didn't just say … Oh well that Vaccine not ready so let me just roll over and die… I already covid not getting no more shots….

  4. Britney Spears,
    I believe those attorneys mentioned that are wanting to represent you are NOT the right choice for you. Honestly !
    For one, there was an espionage case involving Rosenberg family.
    If I were you, I'd consult with Ari Melber or Rev. Al Sharpton on who might be a good impartial choice of attorney's.
    Maybe, Ari would be a good choice if he has the time with impartiality.
    I have hope & faith in you, Britney !
    Also, keep your wallet tight & closed before & especially after you win.
    There are a lot of greedy smoothe romances out for just money who will say & do anything for a buck.
    Even your worst serial killers seem like angels when they are on the hunt for prey. Best wishes, Britney !!
    Ps. Those people who quit on you ..that is a the biggest way you can see that something was shady there.
    You got this !

  5. Well, Brandy, these women you are talking about are nurses & are very close to the illness so they see along with hear the most of what is going on with it.
    Why do you think they came to this conclusion ?
    When you were were talking about gatherers at the beach and locations like Missouri, those places & numbers are being fed to you by the idiots behind all of this crap in the first place.
    Your being a pawn in their game.
    Your on camera so, well, that says it all.

  6. So apparently everyone is soooo ignorant that they follow whatever is said on the internet … How about there is actually people who went straight to the cdc web site and does not agree with all that has been presented.
    SMH all this rah rah about that; but there is no concern about certain institutions infiltrating American people personal devices to see what their talking about. I did not know disagreeing with what someone says or making your own determination about what you hear and see is giving someone the right to dictate your life. Trust GOD !!!

  7. Start fining the the Texas DemocRATS daily.
    If you read the bill, there is no vote suppression stated the DemocRATS are lying as usual.
    The DemocRATS should reimburse the tax payers.

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  9. What about senior citizens what about the elderly disabled who get social security if everything going up and we are on a fixed income the administrator don't have anything in the stimulus package did not include any extra money for people with social security disability or senior citizens with disability the money we got a $600 check or $1,200 check and a $1,400 check that was it for the senior citizen and the people with disability if you think about it and all this money is going to people who have jobs who has worked and was laid off they got unemployment tax break again unemployment stimulus checks stimulus money for children the 1400 the 1600 and a 600 people with children on now entitled to 3600 whether you have six children five children or four children or two children you still get that much money for each child and some people that get it will also get insurance unemployment some getting up to $10,000 and let's not mention food stamps if you are immigrant with a social security number you got the same thing if you were illegal with a social security number or he have a wife or husband that is a United States citizen you got the same we as senior citizen who are disabled and senior citizen we are on a fixed income we have to buy groceries we have to pay more which we have to pay tonight we have to pay water we have to pay gas we have to pay insurance food food food we have to live so why wasn't we included in the stimulus package for long-term

  10. did you know the best kept secret is that smoking dope kills the delta strain ! yes thats why smoking joe biden is so dopey but yeah man hes like insightful as well hes in a trance! i love you joe your the best !

  11. This is so irritating that the media does not understand the protections provided by the vaccines. These vaccines DO NOT protect you from catching the virus, just prevents you from getting seriously sick. Masks should still be worn by everyone.

  12. Sick of hearing about "scientists predict" they predict nothing. All that is happening is prophesied in the Holy Bible! Scientists are not of God. Noah warned everyone of that impending flood! Not a scientist. Scientist's hate God obviously.

  13. do the American cross the world cross-country don't understand what we're going through we are living at last and evil day let's make our years be the better years forever and just get along and stop hating againstlet Joe Biden do his job he's the president vice, Harrison step back you either agree or don't just let it be in peace we need to move onthe Republicans ain't no better than a Democrats and the Democrats ain't no better than the Republicans everybody need to work together and let the president do his job

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