Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – April 27

Russia cuts off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, Vice President Kamala Harris tests positive for Covid-19, and Western states brace for wildfire season.  » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – April 27


  1. Funny, you're doing a story "Terror on the Diamond" but its YOUR SJW criminal policies which made it possible? You lib C*NTS forgot the black guys who shot-up people over easter? Oh wait, you ignored it!

  2. Funny how we just left hundreds of thousands of real assault weapons for the Taliban and Ukraine is showing us how important it is to be a armed nation while supplying weapons of war to help them defend themselfs. While the same people are attempting to make it so difficult for the average American individual to possess any firearm with the hopes we say screw it. Why can't things just make sense in life….

  3. So with the forest fire and cost of control burn, why don't the US just build a biomass power plant and collect the waste biomass in these areas to make electricity that they sell for profit. So yeah argument will be oh burning biomass contribute to climate change but it's being burn anyway with no benefit and using the waste to produce electricity to prevent even larger fires is still better than what is happening now. Also they can incorporate a carbon capture component to reduce emissions.

  4. 26:12,—-WAKE UP CALL for the American middle class. Gun Violence and the war on the streets have spilled out into the suburbs that you have no choice but to apply pressure on your representatives to end their support of the arms industry. If the Russians can get along in space they can get along on earth and you can step outside of your bubbled lives without living in fear of guns and the street war on poverty making a war zone of your neighborhoods.

  5. Russia is the most important country in Europe that feeds Europe economy but Europe foolishly chooses to bite the hands that is feeding them and USA has successfully fooled Europe to fight Russia historically rising power fights against the power been but USA has successfully shift his fight to Europeans my question is does it mean that there’s no more wise people in Europe that sees the deceiving hand of USA it the greatest manic in our life time

  6. Russia, wants to start World War III ! That's what they're heading for. It would seem that they are doing everything in their power to start it. Warnings to the west and Nato were simply just a taunt, not warnings.

  7. Heart breaking what happened In Ukranin be strong Ukraine prayers for Ukraine's The world I feel so sorry for the people of Ukranine breaking my Hour of every day This evil doent end This is heart breaking to see this

  8. It’s sad the world let’s one man cause so much chaos around the world. Hope the Russian people wake up to the truth and remove Putin from the Kremlin.

  9. 0:35 we need everyone to understand is that whatever they give they received which is why I didn't even like getting angry enough to yell at people about kidnapping my children with guns and lies while stealing my money and abusing everyone… so why would people any players still try to use War tactics on each other's and expect not to receive it in return? "New" Rules if you don't want it don't give it on jobs: please leaders everywhere fix the money and access in healthy manners everywhere! Buy their guns and make us stuff we needed the whole time, the imprisonment is the worst thing to have begun manufacturing. Begging wasn't just illegal for some… 6:15 its' a form of EXTEME begging, why would we do it more OR starve out Russians, either would exasperate the same problems.
    10:40 please feel much better soon!
    19:55 get all the guns and cuffs off of people and hire forgiven to assist
    21:42 still? Wow How?
    22:27 it's good to speak and play and support freedom of expression
    25:05 hugs sorry they blamed others for what they we doing we all hated that; we're so pleased you get to serve us with NASA! 27:26 hugs insanity that's been on our lives ever! 31:20 is that why malicious reporting was a problem for some people? 32:45 then we have to play them and the facilities can we have them go work for people instead? I think it would make us a lot more money.

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