Modi govt has offered a buffet of failures, but comatose Congress still can’t dent the Teflon

Congress is playing ‘eenie meenie myna mo’, trying to pick issues to target Modi with. It has little or no idea of what will actually work, if at all. Watch News Editor Ruhi Tewari in #PoliTricks.

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  1. Why is this lady even working with The Print? You channel, which claims to be an objective media house, houses some really biased journalists of which this lady here is certainly a part of.

  2. Pappu RAHUL said in an interview narendra modi has placed a secret machine inside my phone to tap…
    I searched in mine …nothing of that sort is therer.
    Guys have you found any such thing?

    And today good engineering student is smart enough to hack . .tap any phone…
    Nobody has privacy…is that a big deal for rahul and opposition?

  3. I'm sorry but this whole segment is embarrassing and a full blown cringe fest, Im BJP supporter and I watch print to get some views about what the other side thinks and Shekar Gupta now gives a lot more fair coverage and it's definitely interesting, unlike his 2014 days.
    But this is just very poor, I can sense the desperation in Ruhi's voice and it feels like a PR campaign for Congress than a fair opinion video.
    I spit out my coffee to the at 7:09 , what mass appeal do those two have? Winning their own state being an incumbent is NOT mass appeal nationally, come on, do you really think that?
    Terrible opinion video.

  4. Bengali women saw through Modi-Shah propaganda. Imagine Tagore, whom Modi wanted to emulate, keeping quiet after 6 of Assam police were killed. It's not about Assam or Mizoram but 6 small time government employees. China stopped the construction of a dam in Pakistan after a busload of Chinese engineers were killed. Not a word from the PM! The Bengali women sure understood Modi's nautanki.

  5. People are not bothered about Pegasus issue because they don't even understand it.. and our politicians (unfortunately across the spectrum) wants people to be poor and always worry about "today" rather than thinking of anything ahead..!

  6. You know, every politician in US is forced to prove their christianity during elections.

    How come Catholic Joe Biden is not considered promoting christianitva?

    I guess the same reason our very secular, freedom loving CPI celebrates CCP.

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