1. As we see during the Russian war against Ukraine it has been so important that in the US we saw responsible persons with honor instead of the lying Trump. His coup d'etat leading to Jan 6th shew quite clear his total lack of integrity and responsibility,

  2. News sources, one with video of mail man dumping mail in votes to another news source that says no way that happened. To Biden inappropriately touching children on camera to, oh no that never happened.. and ya'll say we are choosing to be divided?

  3. This is 'no longer a democracy'- because it is a REPUBLIC. And Pence is a traitor who will NEVER be trusted again, just like CNN. Too bad you are too daft to see YOUR SIDE IS LOSING.

  4. The man is a bully and a spoiled narcissist. Nobody who has worked with him directly can stand by him any longer. Some are continuing to commit suicide in standing by him, but sure is a relief for Pence to put himself first and not destroy his life for some thug who IS-100%-a nobody. Trump isn't anyone of any greatness whatsoever.

  5. Their both idiots. Really. Took him way to long to step up . And even then.. it didnt do justice to what rook place on hallowed ground.

  6. Mike pence is no no good
    He hides behind the word of God
    He is a sheep who fears for his life from the world elites. Does what he is told like a school kid

  7. Former Vice President Pence :your supporters whose moral spirits are still in tact thanks you for living up to what they always felt you were: A man that will stand up for right instead of a political position.

  8. CNN

    Your ratings are the worst.

    Is there a reason you act like you have a handle on the truth?

    You all live in a fantasy bubble.

    Biden is illegitimate. Everyone knows the election was phony.

  9. wow! This is fatastic.
    Stating all this to the Federalist Society is a shocker!
    Pence has decidedly made a choice not to join the Fascist/'Q' side of the Republican Party.
    This is going to flip the lids of many many Congressional GQP fascist trumpers .


  10. Why is Pence trying to make himself relevant ? He and Trump don't see eye to eye , so get over yourself and move on , I gave no use for you politically speaking , if your trying to jockey for "position" , then simply put yourself out there and let reality show you what kind of drawing power you bring to the table , in short your done , Trump is the one we want .

  11. The media has turned their back on the people of America and not been honest. ABC News, CNN, MSNBC, spent more than three years lying to the American people, saying that Russia colluded with Donald J. Trump to steal an election in 2016. And they knew that was false. They knew they were peddling lies and they did nothing to stop it. It was a complete hoax and it was a lie. And now they’re doing the opposite. We have evidence of corruption in our election and they refuse to cover it. They refuse to be honest with people of this country. It is disgusting what the media has done. And I think their days are numbered surviving all of this. When you’re lying to the people and you’re the media, it’s a bad business model. Fact check>>Face book fell $100 in 24hrs,

  12. This is why I’d gladly support Mike Pence in a 2024 Presidental run. He is a honest person, who chose country over party, and loyalty to his country over loyalty to his President. That, is a true American, if you ask me. Oaths have no matter to those who don’t honor or respect them, Mike Pence took an oath for a reason, and he held by it.

  13. Letter to Mike Pence

    What are you waiting for to act correctly? It is time for you to take courage and show the American people your loyalty to the constitution and to our country, morally you should not continue to cover up the criminal of Qtrump.

    Before your election, there were many people who appreciated you more than Trump and thought that you were going to balance the White House by helping Trump not make so many mistakes. However, only in the end did you do something good for the country on January 6, but then you disappeared from the map knowing full well what Trump and his accomplices did to steal the presidency from Biden.

    Please do not wait any longer to demonstrate your good morals and do the right thing, if you decide to do justice it will benefit the entire country, not just the Democrats, do it for the good of all!

  14. Mike Pence on why he broke with Trump over 2020 Election: “Well, he did send a seditious mob to that Capitol who were chanting that they wanted to kill me.”

  15. So all that sold Trump down the River how did you like our country now! I’m so sad that Republicans have no balls! You republicans are responsible for the mess!! Thanks👎

  16. I so sorry that you turn on the will of the American people ! We know in our hearth that the election was fraudulent! Your decision has now destroyed our country people have lost their lives, their rights and our country being run by radical socialist!!! Thanks !

  17. Mike Pence Also Listen to Dan Quayle 😊 Mike Pence is now on Trump's S**t List Trump not friends with Mike Pence anymore , Mike Pence not losing any sleep 😃


  19. We have every right to challenge the results. Raskin and Cheney challenged Nevada and Wisconsin in 2016🖕!
    The statements that the courts ruled we're incorrect. Not hearing on merit. And not judicating it from processes and filing. Is not the SAME.
    Violence is never condoned. But neither is States changing voting RULES without the Congress legislating it. No more drop boxes, no more Dominion either!💯

  20. I admire his strong character. Reminds me of Franz Jaggerstatter. Much respect pence. Short term will hurt but over the long term your name will be rejoiced.

  21. Because you're a traitor thats why open count and not certify if there is shenanigans going on all the swing states were compromised and you helped install a dictator who is destroying our country. What was the coin you were given for your treachery?

  22. Sorry there is no way Joe Biden received 81 million votes. The man hardly campaigned and when he did hold an event you could count the number of people on two hands. For the people who did actually vote for old Joe I'm sure they have serious buyer's remorse.

  23. My uncle, Dr.Pal was a neighbor of Dan Quale from his senator days

    I had met Mr. Quale several times in my uncle’s home before he became the VP

    Mr. Quale is a polite, decent man.

    The media made him look like a stupid man

  24. He is no hero, he wanted to keep his boss in power. If he knew a way to keep him in power he would have done it. Traitors all of them.

  25. “After ascertainment has been had that the certificates are authentic and correct in form the tellers will count and make a list of the votes cast by the electors.” Joe Biden certifying electoral votes Jan 2013

    "After ascertaining that the certificates are regular in form and authentic the tellers will announce the votes cast by the electors for each state beginning with Alabama which the parliamentarians advised me is the only certificate of the vote from that state and purports to be a return from the state and that has annexed to it a certificate from an authority of that state purporting to appoint or ascertain electors." Mike Pence certifying electoral votes Jan 2021

    Why the difference? “Mike Pence knew in advance of January 6 that Republicans in multiple states had sent in forged fake electoral votes documents purporting to be the real electoral votes from those states even though they were not real. Why did Mike Pence keep it a secret? Perhaps an orange jumpsuit and incarceration will loosen his tongue.

    Thanks, Rachel Maddow Jan. 17, 2022

  26. But what my pin is it saying is that what they were doing was wrong it was against the law that is what my pin is it C

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