Mayor Lightfoot pleads for federal help after refusing it from Trump

The ‘Outnumbered’ panel debates the Chicago mayor’s stance on law enforcement and crime. #FoxNews

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  1. The loud mouth pig supporting Lightfoot should have to live on Chicago's west side for the next 10 years.

  2. The over make up face with the gravel voice is just part of the Chicago problem, she watches a house on fire and huddles to decide if calling the fire department would be a political plus or minus. Typical demorat.

  3. Lori is and has been a very sick person. The inner circle know she has been sick and has gone further into the disease that has harmed her in all ways possible. Lori is a bad human being. She is sick and morally deranged.


  5. That woman is a liar. She didn't start taking the crime seriously until after it came to her street.

    Get a browser that's not Google and search her name. Numerous times she spoke for defunding police.

  6. It's always about guns It's never about criminals. Criminals don't need guns they'll stab you with a knife or a sharp stick instead. These lefist want to give therapy sessions to gang bangers and criminals who actually have millions in a mattress and are on foodstamps, section 8 vouchers and in the projects with the full free ride while parking they're Bentleys in the projects parking lot. NYC, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia are violent, high, strung out toilets and millions have already left. I can honestly say that from my first hand experience many not all people put in jail definitely should be there. These sheltered credentialed successful white leftist and anti-white black supremacist have zero clue to the true reality and the high levels of very dangerous people being allowed to roam freely. More murders are to come.

  7. Thinking that leftists will suddenly see the error of their ways is wishful thinking. Dumb people never suddenly get smart. They’ve been wrong for a century. Nothing will save Chicago.

  8. The fact that Fox still puts this clown Leslie Marshall on Air says all you need to know.

  9. The mayor looks exhausted… Covid must have been really rough for this poor guy…

    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!….

  10. Leslie has been a female Juan Williams for decades. She will contradict facts right to their face all day and say, Nothing to see here…When it comes to any Democrat

  11. Why did you, yes you Lightfoot is refuse Trump's help. She is a joke. How dare her beg for federal help now when she could have had TRUMPS HELP BEFORE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WERE MURDERED! HOW MUCH BLOOD IS ON HER HANDS. IT WAS ALL POLITICAL NO MATTER WHAT LIGHTFOOT AND HER FANS SAY.

  12. Chicago, Phila, LA, SF and NYC are now the lawless wasteland of 2022 in the US. What's the common denominator in these cities. All run by the radical left. LGB !!!

  13. This woman is complete trash. 100% racist garbage that SHOULD NOT BE IN CHARGE OF WALMART GREETERS, MUCH LESS AN ENTIRE STATE. 🤬

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