Mary Trump On Her Plan To Combat The ‘MAGA Party’ | The Katie Phang Show

Heading into the midterms, GOP candidates continue to tout the Big Lie to win Donald Trump’s support. Mary Trump joins Katie Phang to discuss her plan to combat these anti-democracy candidates by using her new PAC to endorse candidates like Senators Raphael Warnock and Maggie Hassan. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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  1. CPAC concluded another white supremacy convention in Dallas this last weekend with the typical violent rhetoric, continued lies, dictators and Trump's MO of always making everything about himself. He said that people are coming after him. He's right. When you break America's laws and don't live up to the oath of office, what would he expect? His mob attacked our capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 carrying rebel flags, weapons and attacking police officers. His Supreme Court took away the constitutional rights of women across America. His party blocked insulin help for people. Most Republicans are traitors to America, but they still support the most dangerous man in the world. The orange face, mentally ill little boy who will always fight till the end because he hates to lose. He can't face the truth. He never will! Vote for Democracy in November, not Trump's Trumpocracy. Save America in November from Hitler style ruling. Thank you Mary Trump!

  2. Mary Trump is the best; she could do a better job as President than any other Trump. I think that would be awesome if she did run and won!! I wonder what Donald Trump would say to that. Maybe she could put Don in jail as he deserves to be for Jan 8th!!

  3. The Attorney General of Pennsylvania illegally overturned legislation banniing drop boxes, overturned laws requiring signature verification and witnessing. MSNBC is a puppet of the Chinese and the World Economic Forum.

  4. Mary Trump talks about "radical MAGA Republicans". WHAT is "radical" about secure borders, energy independence, low gas prices, low inflation, arranging peace accords between Israel and its Arab neighbors, to stop Iran's nuclear goal? Democrats have destroyed the US Economy in less than 2 years. You SEE this every time you go shopping or pay twice as much for gas. It all began on DAY 1 of the Biden Presidency – with his War on Fossil Fuels. Mary's saying, "Who are you gonna believe – ME, or your own lying eyes?"

  5. Mary Trump you are a psycho!
    And you look and sound like a druggie!!
    President Trump did not fuel the January 6th Insurrection!!
    It was the people who did not want Biden as president did.
    And now its more evident than ever why people wanted Trump to continue as President…
    President Trump accomplished more positive presidential accomplishments than any other president!!
    If President Trump would be prosecuted…
    A civil war against the democrats and the democratic media's is inevitable!

  6. She is one of the family I wouldnt want to meet. She is Another money hungry lier. Go away already nobody wants to hear from you.Your making money for interviews. Its probly how you make your money I don't know how these media people even listen to this crazy woman. Another one that's just jealous and mad at her uncle because he didn't include her. Go stand with the Democrats your woke and irrelevant as all of the Democrats.

  7. mary trump run for "office" you could help fix america not like your a-hole uncle. some one put putin' beside 45' so when the assassination comes we only need one "bullit"

  8. MSDNC can say what they want about the MAGA people,,but when president Trump was in office,,we had none of the problems we have now,,but that's what it's like when Patriots rule the roost..

  9. Nothing will be done to trump or any of his other people. Not ever, the news seems to be not aware of it either. Garland won't do anything either. Navarro got out without bail or any other thing. Stop giving people false hope of justice for the American people on this subject.

  10. How much more insanity can there be to expose ☠🤡😢 . Trump is never help accountable for the destruction of the country, and it just keeps getting worse with no consequences

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