Mary Trump: Donald Trump Had The Power To Stop Jan. 6 Riot

Author and niece to Donald Trump, Mary Trump, joins Lawrence to discuss the news revealed by the Jan. 6 Select Cmte. that Trump Jr. was texting Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows — instead of his own father — during the attack on the Capitol.
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  1. There was no riot!! Why are they refusing to release the videos? Just release the videos, simple. Let the American people decide for themselves. This moron Mary is just laughable, a nobody. Why are the democrats fighting to keep the tapes from being released. RELEASE THE TAPES!!!!

  2. My professor said one tinethar the average life span of any general in hutlers anry in the last 5 months of the war was 6 weeks becaus ehe blame dthem all the time for their losses. He ordered them killed or the. Suicided. If thinsg prigrees…

  3. Imagine having someone like this in your family who does everything she can to bring her family name down.
    Every family has problems, but this lady's response is to prattle to the entire world about everything, like a toddler. Embarrassing.
    All of you would secretly cringe at the thought of having a relative like this. You just support her because it's not YOUR family.

  4. Good Job Mary, it must have been a bit uneasy for you to go through that situation, concerning a close relative. The one thing that I was also wondering is how will your relation with Donald be from this point ? Or, maybe you don't know yet…

  5. Imagine MSNBC doing this with Hunter Biden etc . Remember 50 CIA and FBI people said Hunter Bidens laptop was apperently Russian . It is now know it is not . America depends on the CIA and FBI to protect America how can they do that when they are so incorrect and the dogs in the street know it other than CNN MSNBC and many other places where they get their news .

  6. The DNC should pay to get this info pushed out. Pay youtube, pay Twitter, pay Facebook to push the info of the Jan 6 into the other side’s feed.

  7. Mary Trump see a psychologist and stop listening to MSNbc The whole thing is a one gigantic lie. LIZ CHENEY is as big a lier
    As Adam Schiff. Mary you committing treason for making up lies about a president and so will Liz Cheney too bad you hate a wonderful person
    Like Donald J Trump. He is doing great things for this country saving us from the evil great reset. God bless Donald J Trump and the people of our great Republic of the United States.

  8. The Commitee report that Mark Meadows was deeply involved They also report that Donald Jr. texts Mark Meadows to get to Trump to call off the rioters to send them home. People were begging him for this to stop.

  9. Finding ways to heal.Accountabilty on the Capitol rioters, punch they all Trump and insurrectist. America takes a stand on racism. America stands by the Constitution of the United states

  10. This creature hates her uncle but is more than happy to slither out of the woodwork to make money off the back of her surname.

    Let that sink in.

    Let's talk about the widespread looting and violence in the US throughout 2020 and ask WHO is complicit there?

    Democrat leaders, folks.

    Where in the First World is violence and looting like this condoned?


    The Founding Fathers must be SO proud.

  11. It really troubles me that so many people are so backwards they still don't know the real insurecs was antfanblm for over 4 years. Diss troy n n taking lives. Thousands of lives. Burning courthouses. Total costs almost a trillion but somehow via the help of camel toes n this admin. None of them were ever charged!

    Yet many of the j6 protestors who were there to legally protest n had been awaited for by the capitol since 2wks prior are sitting in jail (POW) STILL!


  12. Mary Trump got to where she is by turning on her family. She has lied her way to the top cause she couldn't ph' k her way to the top.

    She's been jealous of her cousins n his kids for ages n you guys reward her w a show. Unbelievable!

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