Mark Zuckerberg breaks silence after Facebook whistleblower testifies before Congress

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded for the first time after Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen described the company as a culture of secrecy and complacency that put profits over safety in bombshell testimony to lawmakers. Nikole Killion has the latest.

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  1. The fact mark uses such dismissive and strong phrases like deeply illogical shows how out of touch this alien really is with reality, I bet his billions of dollars don’t help his mental illness he probably thinks he’s a god at this point

  2. I don’t like every time you post something on Facebook the all ways shadow ban you

  3. There is a very simple solution: stop using social media platforms like FB and Instagram. If you buy a chocolate bar and you don't like it, you don't buy it again. If you eat McDonalds and it makes you fat, you stop eating it. These platforms wouldnt exist if people stopped using them and for your mental health I'd advise against using them.

  4. Glad to see the whistleblowers coming forward. Facebooks first severs years I listened to stories all around me of family’s splitting up over stuff exposed on Facebook. Eventually I signed on to keep a eye on my teens after hearing rumors about MySpace activity. The past 5 yrs of having Facebook ( even though I’m not very active) has changed everything- my emails , texts – I get invites from people in my surrounding location to “ join them” we will say. I have been restricted from the account 3 times in a 3 month period for ridiculous stuff after calling out truths on Mark. As soon as Trump was banned, most of his followers started getting “ restricted “ from Facebook. If you don’t post profanity an disgust with minors etc your not welcome on that platform. Let’s just hope his spawns algorithm helps them identify’! 🙄

  5. The government has always been the real problem by being the one who institutionally robs, kills, and divides its own people. If society has gotten weak to the point that pixels on a screen make you self-conscious to the point you have 'mental health issues' then it is clearly a personal problem.

  6. Nothing but a show due to the fact that the US Government is the Number 1 customer to all Big tech companies purchasing private data of all their customers and citizens. This only reinforces their censorship and bad behavior where they spent 790 million to privatize elections which has no accountability to the general public not one mention of this by any government official or any real "news" agency. Every wonder why no "media" "fake news" asks who FB Twitter, google or Micro soft ect… who the Number one customer is and how much do they spend the on all the private data being bought?

  7. He can stop lying! We are not stupid, you idiots! Where do you have "vaccine hesistancy score" track?! You're not ashamed to track comments if they have vaccine resistancy or hesistancy, content; if they reveal negative data and don't fit your vaccine lies! You must be ashamed everybody who's tracking and deleting comments; so you hinder important information about deaths related to these evil vaccines to come out! And you say that you respect the freedom of speech?! What means freedom of speech to you? Does it mean to lie, shut the mouth and comply?! You don't even respect lives if you hide deaths! And you say you respect the freedom of speech?! You can just lie to your mirror; /which doesn't either lie to you if you look back at it); But you can't lie to the world! And none of you can lie to the world!
    You're not ashamed what you're doing! You ruthless unscrupulous idiots!

  8. What happened all accounts or any account are she disabled or lock what happened this account

  9. Where is the Parents guidance and monitoring of their kids? That is not the govt or the businesses job…that is theirs. I stand in solidarity with The Zuckerman!

  10. Faker than wrestling. She's no whistle blower. A real whistle blower would be calling for breaking up this monopoly….not calling for more (government) control. ps We know now the US (CIA) treats real whistle blowers.

  11. “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” -Vladimir Lenin

  12. I dont trust her. She doesnt look or act like a "low level data analyst". She looks like a fed.

  13. The signs are all around us, globally. The rapture and when Jesus returns to earth will be a global event. But no one knows the day or time. Jesus Christ- Saviour of the world. Compassion for the lost, Love that sent Him to the cross. Today is the day of
    Salvation, accept and follow Jesus. ❤️🙏
    Don't gamble with our souls/enternity. What if at the end of our lives we find out Jesus really is who He claims to be ( the highest claim, a claim like no other claim). Then what? Then it's too late 🙁
    ❤️ 🙏

  14. Why did Francis work there if she felt it was a bad service? Personally, i rank Francis with the likes of Elizabeth Homles. I love Facebook and if you don't like social media then how can you be reading and responding to this comment. Mark will build the future of the internet!!

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