1. ❤❤❤I loved all three of their expressions… First, as they heard their long and drawn-out guilty verdicts.🤣🤣🤣🤣 And Second, was watching the blank looks on their faces as they heard their long and drawn-out life sentences…they were white as a "kkk" sheet…truly brothers of the "hood."🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣BURN IN HELL TERRORISTS!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👹👹👹👹⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰

  2. Absolutely abhorrent, beggars believe, I’m so so sorry that these vile poor excuse of human beings took this young mans life, it makes me ashamed to be white. My condolences to his family & friends. They got what they deserve for a sickening act against a young man who was innocently going for a run. In the UK where I was born & live we did away with the death penalty which I agree with for the worry of finding someone guilty then it turns out they were innocent but in cases like this they deserve it!! I hope his friends & family know that around the world we are appalled that an innocent young man lost his life through ignorant despicable people who thought this was acceptable!!!! Again I’m so sorry.

  3. These were classic examples of racist cowards. If these men were alone and didn't possess guns, they wouldn't have even thought about confronting Ahmaud Arbrey alone.

  4. The justice system still tried to stay on code by having 11 white jurors and 1 black juror. Wow they tried it!

  5. BROOKE PEREZ instigated that entire murder. She even instigated it on Facebook. She was a community liaison who wild up those men to go kill AHMAUD. She is no different than the woman who lied on Emmett Till. Arrest her. Charge her. Prosecute her. Imprison her, and send a sign to Becky and Karen that this is not proper behavior.

    This is been going on since slavery. And the Beckys and Karens have gotten away with it. STOP them!

  6. I'm almost certain, the dad being a former officer is getting is due Justice not only for this case but for all the other cases that he probably lied about

  7. The message is clear.
    This isn’t the 1800’s.
    This isn’t Jim crow.
    This is real world 21st century America.
    & in this modern day real world, you get life in prison for racist killing.

    Stop throwing your life away.. your businesses away.. your careers away.. your jobs and houses.. your livelihood.. your relationships away.. your respect and your freedom away, in exchange for racism. It’s unconscionably stupid.

    You’ll stop going to prison and ruining your life if you stop shooting and killing black people.

  8. Having an attorney who was paid to represent you , express your sorrows is dumb , especially when you’ve had 2 years to do so .

  9. We coming for that District Attorney too…This is only a Partial victory, the whole justice system here needs to be Indicted !

  10. The Guilty Of All Charger In Ruling When You're Racist Person Life Here On Earth We Need More Jurror If You Committ A Crime You'll Face's Hard Time Black Are People's Too We Need Understand We Deserve To Live In This World I May Not See World As One But Martin Luther King Jr Put Best We'll Get Promise Land We're Going Get There Soon

  11. All life matters including BLACK LIVES; all these could have been avoided if not the HATRED some of you have for other RACES…This is a great WARNING/lesson for everyone…..Change your evil heart towards other fellow humans, no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation or background- WE are all human ; Glory be to GOD, the Justice has been well-served

  12. 👏👏👏I suggest young McMichael may have been encouraged by old McMichael. What a Dad! The neighbour looks to be more likely than not, old McMichael's buddy…more influence by old McMichael. Damn good job!!

  13. Prosecutors thumbs up versus OJ case. As for the Arbery family, the pain doesn’t go away. I certainly hope you’ll rest daily and live in peace. May God bless you and give you strength everyday you wake up. You Honor, NAMASTE!



  16. Had a house built years ago and the contractor didn’t start securing it until about a week before completion. Dropped by one evening and found a group of neighbors walking through it. I thought it was great and happy to show it off. Also a great way to meet them for the first time. Did make sure it got locked up after that.

  17. I agreed with what the reporters were saying until they tried to act like Kyle rittenhouse getting aquitted made the justice system unfair and this conviction made up for it. If you look at the facts of this trial and the rittenhouse trial almost none of the facts are the same or similar outside of the fact that the defendants were white and claiming self defense. Except kyles was legitimate self defense and lawful, the actions of these hicks shouldn’t take away other American citizens right to self defense.

  18. What we all seem to be forgetting in this case as in others if it hadn't been for a mother father or someone standing up for their loved ones this case to wouldn't have been brought gto the public. To his mother, often times we as black women are portrayed as loud arrogant hateful and the list goes on. Thank you for showing America and the world just how we black women really are. In the face of lies racism pure hatred and cold blooded murder you drew from Harriet Sojurner Ida Betty Coretta and countless nameless black mothers who in the face of pure hatred you held and drew from Rosa and Cicely and the beautiful poetress who knew why the cage bird sang. In your midnight hours please know that these powerful sisters are surrounding protecting and are gently holding you. And if your mother is with these women she's smiling not with glee or hatred but smiling because she knows she raised a daughter who has shown the world that black women are who we are despite what others have tried to do otherwise.

  19. It always bothered me how none of the men had no remorse for killing this man. It took me awhile to watch anything about this trial. I did today and still feel no satisfaction. Racism killed a man and put three others in jail probably for life and for what? I bet they all wish they could turn back time, I know Ahmaud would wish that.

  20. No one is more for self-defense than I am, but this was not self-defense.

    What damned these wannabe vigilantes in their claim of self-defense, no crime had been committed against them or their property. In fact they didn’t even witness an actual crime taking place, they only “suspected” Arbery may have committed at worst misdemeanor trespassing (which does not qualify for citizen arrest in most states, most require a felony crime) – suspicion is not a lawful justification for a citizens arrest.

    They became the aggressors by taking the law into their own hands after being told by the police they were on their way by chasing Arbery down with guns for no other reason than “suspicious behavior,” rather than let Law Enforcement handle it and you cannot claim self-defense when you’re the initial aggressor.

    Arbery was the one defending himself against unlawful detainment and threat of great bodily harm and/or death at that moment.

    Ahmaud Arbery was murdered and now they will pay with life in prison.

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