Kapil Sibal To NDTV On Quitting Congress: "It Was Not Sudden"

Former Union Minister Kapil Sibal revealed today that he has quit the Congress party, dropping a bombshell moments after filing his nomination papers for Rajya Sabha as an independent candidate supported by the Samajwadi Party.

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  1. Kapil Sibal just had one answer to all questions – No comment… Who am I to comment 😂😂. What a hopeless interview with an equally hopeless man. He only jumped ship so that he can get a Rajya Sabha seat.

  2. The idea of being an independent voice is good ..I support your views…it would be in the interest of the country if only people come out of party politics

  3. Kapil sibal is atleast 90 year old (looks like one). Just take a break, enjoy life, retire. Why old timers not wanting to give up politics is beyond me.

  4. I pity KS. Lot of frustration noticed in his speech. Cong. nose
    dive further if Gandhi family is not removed from leadership.

  5. all drama. soon this guy will be in jail. all are scared in congi party. this guy is big anti national. wish you all the best kapil bhai. wish you soon settle in jail

  6. What is the use of having the black sheeps likk sibal…infact, its always better for the congress party to distance itself from such character less fellows…

  7. Super interview….liked the way Nidhi Razhan has taken with her witty way of putting across tuff questions….👏🙏

  8. Everyone can leave Congress party. Nothing will happen, only 3 people are important. (Gandhi 1, GANDHI 2, Gandhi 3).

  9. It is fortunate that Rahul Gandhi does not listen to anyone. He is a looser and that is good for your country. Because that will help Congress loose elections again and again. So, thank you RAHUL GANDHI YOU ARE A STAR 🌟🌟🌟 Keep it up.

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