1. Congress finds money to give to GM, Wall street during the 2008 housing market bust, pork projects, foreign nations, and give themselves pay raises. But for these 9/11heores? Not so much.

  2. Jon Stewart was told all his life that socialism does not work. And now here he is, in front of what is essentially a death panel, begging bureaucrats to give people health care. You have no one to be upset at but yourself Jon Stewart. Why not just simply bypass congress and create your own private organization to help 9/11 survivors? Surely a man of Stewarts fame can raise the money for it?

  3. You people should’ve never believed the lie that America is the greatest country ever

    Not even remotely true
    And it’s not just the fault of your government

  4. This man is a beacon of humanity and he will always have my undying respect for having. Such devotion to the truth of the situation and calling the problem for what it is and not undercutting the problem

  5. First responders what about the people that there before the responders and the ones that helped that didn’t have a job that they get paid to help. The men an woman that helped that where not police or fireman. What about them idiot

  6. Reading these comments during the 4th day of America’s 2020 election, on the day we broke the world record for most confirmed cases of coronavirus (previously held by India which is over 4x our population) in a single day (100k)….
    It’s amazing to scroll down and see nothing but a nation unified by a common tragedy. We are so divided on every issue now, big and small, we argue “alternative facts”, and “fake news”. We are going through a pandemic, Trump himself contracted it; just an hour ago news broke of Trump's chief of staff testing positive. Yet we continue to argue over whether masks are necessary! We were hiding in our houses 6 months ago buying toilet paper and disinfectant wipes on eBay for inflated prices. Now we’re back to “normal”, not bc of a vaccine or ramp down in cases, bc we got cabin fever and relief money wasn’t close to paying the rent. So we put our mask on when we leave for work and don’t hug, it’s just something we do. Complacency has made COVID nothing more than another partisan talking point.
    There is a “unscalable wall” encircling the White House in a 7 block radius and local businesses have been boarded up/closed for fear of the aftermath.
    It is absolutely heartwarming to see this solidarity.

  7. I remember watching Chernobyl where coal miners who had everything to lose (and nothing to gain) knew what they were up against when they were coerced into building the underground structure to contain the radiation. One of them asked a government official if he and the rest of the miners would be taken care of after they're done with the job when they get sick…and the response from the official was "I dont know" and I thought to myself "pff typical Soviet government"

    It looks like this kind of selfish neglect knows no geographical boundaries and have no political affiliation. I doubt the first responders would've responded any differently by not showing up, even if they had known they were up against abestos poisoning

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