1. they should do a trump and biden podcast. see how many views they get and youtube CANT screw with the like/dislike buttons

  2. I like Jews as much as the next guy, but you gotta feel at least a little bit bad for them after seeing the hideous mug on this guest. You have this disgusting freak going around representing you.

  3. Joe you don't have to be one or the other the largest voting group are Independence. Like I'm center right voted for Trump but I'm not one of these Trumpers that live & die on every & anything he did or does but knew he was better than the senile person who may not even be the official president and in fact more people have died from covid under Joe than under Trump and Joe was handed off a vaccine

  4. My parents always assured me that The Count from Sesame Street isn't real.. and here he is on JRE. Well that's ONE! ONE! Gigantic lie! UH UH UH UH uh uh uh!!!

  5. Wish I was an American citizen so I could vote for Trump. I’m Canadian but I’ll call him my president. Trump in 2024! He’ll have one hell of a mess to clean up but by God he’ll get it done.

  6. "some dead enders" bro your nose is an airstrip chillout. bring on trump that episode would be great. probably a little stressful to get through since both of you would just be non stop cutting eachother off but it would be worth it

  7. I always enjoy Rogan podcast AND I ADMIRED HIM FOR HIS OPEN MIND. specially when he has to talk or interview an **useful idiot** as today , Joe I wish I had your patient, with all this annoying "persons" who do not use (if they have one) their brain to reason with smart arguments.

  8. Jeez I always wondered when I'd see if it were possible to have a real live human as Big Bird. Now I see it is

  9. I agree. I can't stand when fellow Christians put trump on this pedestal as if he is to be worshiped as this savior of humanity.

  10. Get trump on here. You talk to him for yourself. Look at all achieves during his presidency. Talk to him about Funding HBCUS or maybe Lowest unemployment gas and tax prices in 40 years

  11. I like how Joe's just trying to give commentary on his meeting with Trump & this other idiot can't go 5 seconds without giving meaningless anti-trump sentiments.

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