Jimmy Kimmel Defeats COVID, Trump’s Latest Crazy Rant & Aunt Chippy Reviews Mother’s Day Gifts

Jimmy makes his triumphant return after being out last week with COVID! He names all the people that he didn’t hear from while he was home with the virus, his 7-year-old daughter Jane was disappointed that she didn’t receive any gifts on Mother’s Day, Joe Biden and Donald Trump posted very different messages for Mother’s Day, former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was on “60 Minutes” with some unbelievable stories about his time working with Trump, and Aunt Chippy gives her do’s and don’ts of what to give Mom on Mother’s Day.

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  1. How is it possible, that Trump can suggest such things, and that nothing happened in concern of his mental health condition?
    He is insane, isn't he? I don't want to image what will happen, if he will be elected as President the next time!

  2. Omg! Talk abt using filters to make urself not look like the Capitol's Hag in chief! But my stomach wasn't fooled…i still puked in my mouth while she was fake reading her "book"! Ill bet that's 1 joke of a book! What w all the alternative facts! 😂 😂 😂…plz give us fair warning next time she's gonna b on ok? I had actually blessedly forgotten abt that super hag!

  3. Still got tds
    Why don't you talk about the current potato head Biden. Worst President ever. How do people like paying$5 for gas. Oh didn't Biden blame Trump. Bunch of sheeps

  4. Hey Jimmy…how about getting serious and talking to your audience how this beloved liberal administration is going to turn over health care sovereignty of the USA to the WHO.
    That’s right…..ooooooh…. don’t tell me that you people are shocked because you never heard of such a thing.
    That would be because you people are all too willing to stick your heads up your asses, plus your ears and sing lalalalala.
    You don’t really think the Biden admin would be so transparent on such a matter, do you, where they literally strike out verbiage from the 2005 treaty that explicitly states the “WHO shall consult with member states….”
    Hush hush people…. Your rights as independent, free people are slowly and methodically being given up for a new world order.
    But Jimmy’s too stupid to bring it to you because he is a Hollywood liberal elitist that lives in a gated mansion.

  5. So glad he is back and good as ever. Jimmy is one of the few folks I can count on to make me laugh!
    He should be subscribed to every normal critical human on this planet…it would be a happier and better place. Love you @ JimmyKimmel

  6. Wow you spent $200 on flowers. You are coming across as part of the elite super rich self entitled tv hosts. When so much is going on its all about you. Bring back funny!

  7. Among other topics I appreciated Jimmy covering here were the jaw dropping revelations of the Mark Esper interview.

    How is Teflon Don not in jail yet???

  8. Jimmy, the reason I stopped watching ur show is because every single night you trashed Trump when he was in office. I thought you would stop afterwards & I could start watching again but wasting 5-10 minutes talking about someone not relevant right now is not worthy of watching. There’s more funny stuff you can do then showing ur hate for the guy!

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