Jan. 6 Cmte. Chair: We’ve Received Info About Congress Members, Staff Involved In Jan. 6

The Jan. 6 House panel has recommended Donald Trump’s former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, face a contempt of Congress charge. The referral now moves to the full House where it is expected to come up for a vote as soon as Tuesday. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the proceedings, and what might come next.
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  2. Refusing to appear for a subponea must be enshrined in law, as attracting a compulsory fine of a stated amount and confinement of a stated period ,for any citizen so issued. No one is above the law, no immunity or claim of privilege.

  3. People should be held accountable let the chips fall no one is above the law (Question) if President Biden or former President Obama did what the former President Trump did what would have happen to them 🤔

  4. It's all a joke. Subpoenas mean nothing. Contempt means nothing. They will spend millions of dollars in 500 investigations. Then, they will do nothing. Trump will become Speaker of the House. They will impeach Biden and Harris. Then Dumb Drumpf will be president again. We need a hero with an AR-15.

  5. He was just getting a head start and getting his book published he kind of took a missed that but this was his plan get it out there get people buying his book and then shut up.

  6. a Jan 6th committee only has 2 "Republicans ", not the mandatory even Democrats GOP members. The committee was had picked by pelosi, and she refused to testify as to how she is in control of the capital police . And the committee will not release their findings until the midterm elections. Seems legit right? Not

  7. Why are these people "lawmakers" ? What is the point in having a DOJ ?

    If the Democrats were involved in a coup Republicans would be very quick and aggressive in taking action.

  8. What is even more stunning is the charade this committee really is, and how MSNBC needs it for ratings! Congress was in session, so every one of them were "involved". And to keep calling it a "deadly event" is simply telling made up stuff here. There was one death, of an unarmed woman by a cop that day. There was no other death directly related to this event at all. And, surprisingly, she was cremated immediately, and not a singly video of that shooting has been made public. Why? Why not? You "news" folks aren't about finding out real news. You are simply propagandists for the left wing!

  9. He sat back with a bag of popcorn and enjoyed the show while the " people's house" was attacked. Period. Trump through a series of inaction ( COVID response, Charlottesville, etc.. is what's destroying the country). Meanwhile the grift goes on and the supporters pay for a criminal ex- president's attorney fees.

  10. msnbc SLANDER CAMPAIGN When will you fools learn???
    Slandered Nick Sandman, got sued. Slandered Rittenhouse, is going to get sued big time. Smollett was used by msnbc to push Race Devision by Slandering White people. msnbc has some Sick folk working over there.

  11. It's time for these Republican senators who are TRAITORS to our country. We all know who they are. And they're still sitting on our Senate seats. 🇺🇲

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