I was voting for Biden but this changed my mind to Trump

After researching all of the facts from this video it only made sense to vote for Donald Trump. Seriously put all petty issues aside. Put all the fake twisted “facts” you hear on social media and do the research yourself.

The two things that mean the most to me are the protection of our constitutional rights and equality for all.

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  1. Knowledge is king, it's a shame so many people believe the propaganda the media has been feeding them for years. President Trump will return to office sooner than you think. Let's go Brandon !!

  2. I know I’m a year late but thank you for educating me on this. Because now I know the different media outlets completely twisted the narrative to create their own🤦🏿‍♂️

  3. He could have asked the same question about Trump – what has done in the past 47 years – they have both said some stupid things and I would say Trump is the winner on that score . The view represented here is very narrow – why can’t Americans actually find someone admirable to vote for instead of choosing between two idiots. There is nothing being said here that is backed up by any logical, reasoning or evidence , just all bits and pieces of hearsay. Of course you can get all worked up if someone says Make America Great Again – what else you gonna do

  4. Hell yeah !!!! That's the way to do it !!!! Truth !!!! Keep this up for the next elections my man!!!!!!!

  5. Man…. this man makes too much sense.
    I am disgusted that gofundme blocked a fundraiser for his family after the jan.6 bs. 😔
    Anyone know how to get in contact with his family?

  6. Lol at this BS. How many minorities did Biden bring into his administration compared to TFG? How many white nationalists did TFG have in his administration? How come white supremacists endorse and vote for TFG, if Biden is the racist? Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! The country rejoiced when TFG lost the election.

  7. You definitely read between the lines. A+ work on self research..i was like you, even as a white man. I was led to believe biden was good and trump was bad, but when i did my research i found out the truth. We need more exposure to conversations like this.

  8. Wow, so what u got say about what the republican legislators are doin to voting rights, that gonna affect people of color. Let hear what u got to say…..

  9. I ain’t vote ever and didn’t for Trump because didn’t realize it before next time he runs ima vote for him. In time I hope Candace Owens runs ima fasho vote for her and it ain’t got a damn thing cuz she a female, black, dark skin black woman (she fine asl to me too 😍😅) but it’s because they would fight for all people not just a: race, gender, rich and poor it ain’t got nunn to do with that it’s because he fighting for us all ✊🏽✊🏻✊🏿✊🏼✊🏾. Hope that brotha Brandon Tatum get into politics too ima vote for him if he ever runs #AllLivesMatter 🇺🇸

  10. Wow, that guy he was talking to had literally nothing specific. Nothing sourced, no facts, no nothing. Just vague platitudes and false narratives. Sad he was so quick to write off this intelligent guy that's well informed, etc.

    Wonder if he still thinks biden will do better lmao.

  11. And now Joe sick 🤢 he said it just a cold but when we have a cold it is COVID-19 so what's happened to Joe u know like Joe got tested my grandpa and grandma are in there 60s and my grandpa has had everything rong with him and yet all these un vacated people have nothing rong with them y do I not have c-19

  12. He killed my grandma, if he wouldn’t of been elected Covid would be better, she was stressed out by the property she owned that was being rented by a friend, she was not being paid then she started to worry then she worried she was dead and she was just from Covid, dead on the floor

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