'I recommend you take the vaccine' – Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump on Saturday in Arizona called on American’s to get the Covid-19 vaccine saying, “I recommend you take it but I also believe in your freedoms 100 percent.”

He also spoke out against New Zealander Laurel Hubbard, who is set to become the first transgender athlete to compete at the Games after she was selected for the New Zealand team in the women’s super-heavyweight 87+kg category.

Trump referred to Hubbard as ‘he’, while voicing disapproval over her inclusion in the women’s section of the Games.

“Men are being allowed to compete in women’s sports, how do you like that? Think of that, how fair is that? Did you see the weightlifter? I hate to tell you this, women, but he shattered your long standing record. This guy gets up, boom boom. Like a nine year record. Sonny a nine year record, boom. Did he do it with one hand, you know? It’s so unfair.”

Trump also repeated his false claim that he lost the 2020 election due to fraud.


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  1. Trump you have deceived us,I can see it as plain as day.😊🖕Operation Warp Speed and your vaccine push are a perfect segway into the Biden Presidency and the Globalist depopulation program.

  2. "But I also believe in your freedoms 100%." My question is, why did you keep this statement, which ironically is the continuation of the sentence in the first place, out of the title of this video?

  3. He is turning more and more into a fluff ball – His hair is getting thinner and when it is gone all we will see is a great ball of fire and rage and an old man shouting " Where is my hair ?"

  4. Still remember how the American mainstream media poking fun at him for using HCQ. They could'nt believed that he recovered in 3 days. Vaccine or not, its a personal decision. That's his message.

  5. Trump was the best thing that happened actually. Without him, thousands of companies wouldn't mass exodus out of China. May he rule again and this time, 8 YEARS..
    For the record, Biden was the one who imposed 24% tax on overseas Youtubers with viewership in the US

  6. Great example of how journalists or media press took context out of a sentence. Some measures by ST to bring up vaccination rate in Singapore? A general once said ST will continue to hold it’s integrity, which is acting as state media?

  7. The whole world is on the out of control obsession train. We have been heading this way for a long time. Now, it's out of control and there is no turning back. It's seems like we are headed for serious disaster, unless some miracle occurs. Cell phones and technology are putting gasoline on the fire. It's y2k on crack.

  8. The MSM is desperately trying to find a single thing to discredit Trump. It’s funny because it has the opposite effect – it makes people like him even more because of sympathy, and endless lies and cruelty presented by those 🤡 who claim to be journalists.

  9. Why is he “recommending” something he knows is killing people…? No matter he says it’s up to you, the fact he’s recommending is enough to convince people to get it…

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