Hurricane Ian: Roads Blocked, Expect Landslides | Parts of Clarendon Flooded – Sept 26 2022

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  1. Praying profusely for Clarendon 🙏🏽. We travel there on mission trips, & those roads were barely drivable to begin with. I often wondered if the people were abandoned by the Jamaican Government. The disparities between areas frequented by tourists oppose to those populated by Citizens is truly disheartening.

  2. The officials knew this storm was coming. We are in the heart of Hurricane season. When are you going to be prepared next year?? Jamaica sis prone to storms/hurricanes during the hurricane season so what’s the problem?? They should be preparing for the upcoming season as one finishes!!

  3. Carelessness as school should have been canceled for the time of and before the storm. The officials are to be blamed but God give us knowledge to make informed decisions for ourselves

  4. Greetings.
    Watching/listening the news has become a steady source of aggravation. Here's why;
    1. We as a people are too passive about important national issues. The government that's elected to lead and handle the people's affairs fail to get the most basic things right. Common sense seem to be out the door and we continue to repeat the same foolish behaviour daily, weekly, monthly, yearly!!

    2. Why can't we prepare for the hurricane season in a meaningful/effective manner knowing full well that the season is a sure, none negotiable annual occurrence? Why doesn't the NWA have a team of full or part time staff to clean gullies/drains/waterways etc. quarterly? Instead, we have a representative on tv/radio telling us what we already know; where is flooded/blocked/impassable due to heavy rain. And when the weather is back to "normal" absolutely nothing is done to correct the situation. Who benefits from this lunacy? Is everybody that busy? What exactly are they doing that they can't do their job? And why are residents not being more involved in the upkeep of their community/neighborhood? People make neighbourhoods, not buildings or animals! This is what distinguishes a nice clean community from one that looks and smells like a dump site! Citizens must be actively involved in keeping their surroundings clean and demand strong representation from their elected officials. Stop begging personal favours and demand that they work for the general good of the community/country!

    3. I'm convinced that the educated and so called "bright" people/politicians of Jamaica are strategic and deliberate in their mission to DESTROY JAMAICA! Mash-up the country and keep it in undeveloped designation in order to continue getting billions $$ in grants and aid from our international partners/allies. Jamaica has been receiving aid in both cash and kind for decades and we are yet to see what/how those billions $$ have been used to improve communities by way of infrastructure/schools/hospitals etc. Just look around you/across the island…open your eyes.

    4. You would think that with all the advanced degrees, PhD/MBA/BSc/LLB/Law degree etc. that all that brain power, to include strategists/consultants would result in better decisions and policies to the benefit of the people and country as a whole. Not so. It's simple, given the weather system that's affecting the island, the Ministry of Education should have instructed all public institutions of learning CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!! While you do want to give schools some level of autonomy to govern themselves, this is a fitting example where the Ministry must be decisive. Why risk lives by giving school administrators and parents the freedom to decide when it is risky/dangerous? Education is of no use or benefit to the dead or seriously injured. Hence sending children to school during this inclement weather showed very poor judgment by all concerned.

    5. Why aren't all schools using technology to communicate with their population? E.g Facebook and Whatsapp groups. No data? Yet I'm certain that a significant number of parents and students are on YouTube watching all sorts of unedifying content. Jamaicans prioritise and move mountains for the things that are important to them – for many, formal education is not on that list.

    6. I don't know who some parents think they are fooling by sending their children to school in such adverse weather conditions. A recent item of news showered just where some parents and students priority lies when they blasted a school administrator for enforcing the school dress code – apparently they felt that the length of the tunic is too long. I say (sarcasticly) let them wear their bikini and mini to school and everybody will be happy because clearly their priority is NOT to be schooled, adequately prepared for the formal world of work or for representing themselves as decent human beings/ladies but rather as another lewd, vulgar, indisciplined Jamaican. Interestingly, while those who are of means including politicians pay to send their children to private schools locally or overseas to ensure that their children do not mix with these bottom of the barrels quarreling about the length of their uniform. Should a person of influence perhaps on social media start a trend of wearing a gown or some fashion that has women wearing garment at ankle length, these very same defiant dimwits would gladly start following such a trend. The same way boys/males today wear their pants so tight, you feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable just by looking at them. It's ridiculous! Formal education is not only about books and passing 15 subjects. It's equally about soft skills/interpersonal skills, how you hold your posture, social and emotional intelligence, your ability to think critically, communicate well and make informed decisions, dress appropriately and taking your place in society/the world. The social and moral fabric/standards of Jamaica has deteriorated to embarrassingly low levels!

    7. The opposition has been mum/dormant in calling out and condemning these recurring national issues. Are they confused about what their roles/duties are? A weak or docile opposition reflects a weak democracy. This is not the time to be quiet and invisible! No wonder the party is not being taken seriously.

    8. In closing, we're grateful that there were no reported deaths or major damage to properties. We wish those who were directly affected by this weather system in Jamaica a speedy return to normalcy.
    Nothing will get better in Jamaica until citizens start showing/voicing how truly disgusted and fed up they are with the lazy, sleeping fat cats at the top.
    Stay safe and be kind.
    Walk good👏

  5. Parents lack the ability of proper parenting and when your child gets washed away in flash flood you look stupid.
    There’s no way Jamaican island is expecting heavy rain and you take your child outside much less to school. Madness

  6. Put God in de school too much unwanted subject parent ask the Lord for help and ask the Lord what He want you all children to do and chose the subjects from there put in more things about God in the schools

  7. Relative prepared means they not ready. Once again wether shows the government this is why we need our forestry but them want to sale out to companies that don’t care about resident

  8. Another thing we need better garbage collection and disposal. Something is radically awry. Why are there so many bottles etc? God! Used to think we are a clean people. From authorities to community members, we need to do better. Then we claim we love eat fish. A lot of that going to the harbour. Sigh.

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