Humiliating: See Trump Candidate Demolished By His Own Words On TV

Ohio GOP candidate J.D. Vance was a loud “Never-Trumper” who charmed audiences with his memoir of growing up poor in rural Appalachia and stark warnings about Trump’s hate and authoritarian tendencies. Now, Vance is contradicting himself, appeasing Trump and earning an odd endorsement from the former president. In a special report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber presents the factual record and videos showing Vance’s contradictions and highlights how the tech banker and media elite may be a “Trojan Horse” writhing conservative politics, one who is willing to push the very falsehoods he once condemned. 
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  2. How could anyone vote for him?😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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  8. trump & his trumettes along with many republicans seem to struggle greatly with the truth. This in part has to do with their moral
    fiber & their naivety. Some can be forgiven –
    most cannot.rh

  9. The method of how to tell if a Trump connected candidate is lying is getting easier. If their lips are moving then your lie detector should be alerting you.

  10. Could it be that if Vance gets into office he will revert to his previous stance regarding Tromp? These being his true views of Tromp.

  11. It's not like these people are the best or the brightest. However, their stupidity, ignorance, and hypocrisy resonates with a certain demographic of voters.

  12. I am telling you it is in the water, how do you do a 180 turnaround without an outside force infecting you?? I mean, "tRump is the greatest President of my life" How old is this POS? He has not known many POTUS' Gesh, here is the door Vance don't let it hit your a$$ on the way out.

  13. Where's the lie though? Trump WOULD have been America's Hitler if he'd got another term. He'd have changed the rules to give himself lifetime power and god knows who he would have killed to keep his hateful base happy.

  14. This is just another reason to never vote for the republican party. It's nothing but two faced people who will flip if it means they could hold office. Nobody who has watched Trump from 2016-2022 would ever say he was great at anything worthwhile. He was and likely will always been the biggest failure we have ever allowed to hold that office. He was unfit to cook fast food on the best of days and yet we allowed that man to nearly overthworn this nation in 2021.

    To see this clown now flip his views is all the reason I need to never vote for him nor anybody like him. He isn't worth the time nor energy it would take to spit in his general direction.

  15. Absolutely insane. Believing one thing once and another thing later. People who change their opinions make me sick!

    Except for the top corporate democrats in the primaries who openly criticized Biden’s sketchy history and later told the base to vote for him. Good thing no one can look up what Harris, Warren, and Booker said about him back then. Just believe what you’re told. Critical thinking isn’t on the ballot.

  16. What is this world coming too? You can’t believe anyone anymore and so must misleading statements. What is this world turning into?

  17. Is there even ONE Person connected to tRump, that isn't a criminal or has any kind of Good attributed to them..?? Is there even 1 ..?? No.

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