How Trump's Business Raked In $2.4 Billion While President

An analysis of documents, some of which only became public in recent weeks, shows just how much Trump’s businesses raked in while he was in office.


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  1. Yeah but didn’t Donny boy say that he was going to lose billions of dollars being president 0H gee he lied!! What a shocker!!
    Yeah but it’s easy to make money when you have someone like big lips Steve Muchin as your treasury secretary Donny stole hundreds of millions from that! then of course heads of state favoring him by staying at his hotels and of course charging our own government to stay at his own golf courses when you took His 300 days of Vacation!! Then of course the national security secrets he sold to Putin help pay off his debts!! Oh and of course I can forget are you maga morons giving the ConMan your hard-earned money!!

  2. People please check Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution.

    The guy run hotels that are made to appear fancy. They are not that fancy, I know, I have traveled. They might be equivalent to 2 or 3 stars but looks great.

    Put two and two together. Could some people have paid big bucks to stay at his hotels and hope that it influence Trump foreign policies?

    It does appear suspicious.

  3. No mention of Pelosi cheating the stock market or the Bidens corruption, should they both be nearly as rich as trump? Look at the worst president Obama and his fake charity.. com on, look at everyone in power… do the democrats get funding from Forbes, or is it the other way round? Show us all your incomes

  4. Followed Trumps life way before politics through Forbes and other on line news networks, pure buisness, and winning. I'm Canadian and willing to see him in office again. Geeese, , leave the house for a while, come back and it's, , trashed?

  5. He's a business man wtf u spect I wouldn't a bad business man running the country…….plus thats revenue not profit…..bezos and zukerburg dorsey made 100 billion in one pandamic year on our backs….hunter Biden made millions during sleepy Joe's vp gig for nothing

  6. This hack reporter’s intentions are announced loud, and clear just from the mere fact he makes no mention of net incomes, or profits, and selectively chooses to only using total revenue numbers, and literally nothing else There’s a long list of hack reporting hit piece tactics that are on full monty display here, but his selective usage of nothing other than total revenue numbers, coupled with no comparative history leading into those figures is something that would only fool his parents. It’s only the very thick headed who use such twaddle as means to make their point, or support an argument, because in their infinite stupidity they actually believe the rest of the world is dumber than they are.

    Well done Forbes! You definitely got yourself a future Pulitzer candidate with this one.

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  8. Ok so trump was billioner before becoming president and after he was stolen from demorats, msm and black lies matters, that he left the wh he is still billioner!!!! What a surprise??!!! Dummy so call journalist like the 99% in this country just looking for ratings.

  9. Trump has developments that make make money selling units. How is selling condos in NYC or Vegas anything crooked. And yes you can find on the Clarke County Nevada assessors website who bought those Las Vegas condos. Deeds are not secret and they can be viewed by anyone.

    I'm kind of disappointed that Forbes would even release such a garbage video.

  10. Oh I get it, he should have donated every cent he made from businesses he already owned before he was president, what fool would listen to this and say yes he shouldn't have earned anything, but when a politician from either party is elected with nothing in the bank and then 20yrs later they are millionaires, but that's perfectly fine..

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