How AG Garland’s Handling Of Trump Could ‘Define’ His Legacy

Fmr. federal prosecutor Ankush Khardori joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why he believes Attorney General Merrick Garland has a case for prosecuting Donald Trump for his role in January 6th insurrection.
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  1. Why do people keep claiming Democrats will lose? I don't get it. Do you want a self-fulfilling prophecy? Let that thinking go. Focus on Dems winning big.

  2. Seems to me…
    Barr had used his authority as Attorney General to deflect accountability, whereas Garland is waiting untill the midterm elections with hopes of republicans taking control of the majority vote, thereby deflecting accountability by not using the authority of the Attorney General.

  3. Garland is a joke of an AG. Totally targeting parents who don't buy the racist bullsh*t theory being crammed down their kids throats. Remember folks – the Democrats have to pander to the Black community because all they want is their vote.

  4. Garland should be removed ASAP. Replace him Michael Cohen. The Trump crime family will be in jumpsuits the next day.

  5. What legacy? He hasn't done squat, remember Barr worked as the presidents personal fixer. Garland wont even hold people accountable for anything unless its one of the poor tax payers.

  6. Not tough enough, not as vicious as his opponents. This is what Trump supporters are counting on. The bullies will win, and heaven help us all when this empowers the crazy right-wing idiots who are Trump fanatics!
    Mr. Garland respectfully does not have what it takes to take on Trump and his cronies!

  7. Who doesn't want to have a Great Legacy, but the AG is Looking forward to do His Job. No Single Personality is going to Define his Legacy.

  8. Who's side is Garland on? Is he a traitor to democracy? Democracy and rule of law must prevail or we go to communism under trump! The gop is still the ENEMY of the American people. What are you going to do about it president Biden? Do you care about our country and democracy over the gop and communism? Garland, get off your butt and protect our country! It's your job to do so!

  9. Sir: you’re the most powerful person in the country, because democracy is literally in your hands. Trump and his co-conspirators must be charged! Or risk the success of the next coup. Plus, you’re a federal judge!! Act like one!

  10. Biden needs to fire Garland and put someone in who is up to doing the job! We are in a downfall! Our democracy is at hand!!

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