'Hitman' Trump: DC Officer Suggests Trump Started MAGA Riot As Probe Kicks Off

The first hearing for the House select committee investigating the January 6th Capitol Hill riot featured emotional testimony from four Capitol Police officers attacked by alleged “Trump-inspired” rioters. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber discusses the need for accountability and the committee’s full subpoena power. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC.

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  1. Political strategist Chai Komanduri had this to say on the first day of the hearing: "You have four uniformed police officers – uniformed police officers are historically Republican constituents – talking about how the 'law and order' Republican president sent people to attack them. It was really stunning." Did you watch the proceedings?

  2. Stop the BS! What happened to our Capital & to those brave police officers that stood up to the danger Risking their lives! Stop the BS and let justice rein! Prosecute all that were there causing the damage! Prosecute their Leader “T” !! Enough! America will Not stand for this!
    To all “R” who are afraid to stand up for what’s right you are cowards! You don’t deserve to be on office as you have shown you care more about a Bully then the American people. The officers risked their lives to save you! Stop following the T

  3. stupid people. Trump did not start anything the liberals started and trying for a cover up and then blame it on Trump. Just look up the evidence and the videos and talks and everything. How "police" invited them in etc

  4. These officers should pay a visit to the Republicans who keep saying that it was just a peaceful white house visit and do the same to their offices and use the same excuse as to what happened to them.

  5. Heroes. The Republicans and conservatives don't care they knew what trump was planning they knew him and his supporters were planning a terrorist attack this was their moment to take over because. Sm they saw their utopia being changed. Racism is being filmed , police caught abusing their badges and politicians. Caught with underage prostitutes from foreign countries

  6. This is the Democrats work shame on officers for lines on national network they should be arrested for false allegations

  7. If anyone has been paying attention…..for the last 4 years the republican party has done nothing but obstruct……..1st impeachment, 2nd impeachment, rushing in 2 supreme court justices, and now this. How can anyone be proud to say they are republican?

  8. It was not Trump supporters. Think about it for yourself. We wanted the Senators to meet so our senators could do their jobs and not accept a fraudulent President. That’s why ANTIFA did what they did. To ruin our, “follow the constitution “ plan. Wake up people. Think for yourself because the truth makes sense.

  9. What happened that day – was it really worse than what happened at Auschwitz? Come on, think about it.

  10. So does that mean Kamala Harris is going to jail for telling people to bail out rioters and looters in essence buying their “hit man “ services ? F— this democrat banana republic bs

  11. Obviously he misspoke – not surprising after all he’s been through – but he meant they need to find out who sent the hitmen. (Hint: it was trump)

  12. President Donald J Trump in his speech told them over and over again to be peaceful but to go down and let them hear our voice once again over and over again president Trump told them to be peaceful but you clowns won't say that will you.
    Who's going to hold the Democrats responsible for turning the mobs on the cities and causing billions of dollars of damage and murdering the American people in their homes and in the streets and then letting all those criminals go free murderers looters arsonists anarchists all driven by the Democrat party.

  13. What we really need an investigation on and none of these new stations will say it is the Democrat involvement with the year and a half almost two years of burning our cities and murdering our civilian people and assassinating our police why is it the Democrats don't want answers for that because they are in on it they are owned by foreigners.
    Bought and paid for politicians is what I see.

  14. Pelosi's actors are very emotional, I'll give them that.
    Let's get to the 14,000 hours of video that they want suppressed.

  15. I believe the GOP thinks whatever is found out nothing will be done negatively to their party or any individual. PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!!!!!!!

  16. Ordinarily, a hitman's weapons are inert. Bullets, knives, poisons. Brake lines.

    Trump is an interesting case. His weapons were amped fragments of a good sized blob of population, with more skilled zealots among them. These high energy fragments stormed the Capitol building on Jan 6.

    They had some free agency.
    As free agents, trump is hoping that their decisions stay with them, and not with him, legally speaking.
    And this case does provide some interesting effects. I want to seize Power.
    I don't have an army, but my opponents are weak. And conflict averse.
    I'll use the squads I do have, like the oathkeepers, to do skilled work, skilled strikes, use a "blob " of semi- skilled to hold down the bulk of my opposition, and enforce my will.

    Effect vs affect. Momentary change produced by the phenomenon of the moment, leaving as the phenomenon does. Versus the crater that is left After the bomb blast.
    Prosecution will treat this as a man with hostile pets. Murder by rottweilers.
    Trump's defense will be to cry the free agency of the protestors, and that no one was forced into anything.

    Lawyers will grow rich, and the rest of us sad and tired. Pace yourself.

  17. Trump had nothing to do with jan. 6. Can we stop with the trump blaming, he is not even the president. Sleepy Joe is the president.

  18. When has this ever happened world wide – ever before? The world is watching! How can you allow the person who created that day – be free? Trump=be hel accountable

  19. Trump "hired the hitman" just like Charles Manson did. He sent the "insurrectionist terrorists to the Capitol!"

  20. We did they get these guys? Why didn't they have national guard at the door of white house???? Who was in charge of this?

  21. White Supremacists are NOT going to be happy to see a committee investigating their allies insurrection attempt.

  22. After listening to the hearing re Jan 6th, it is now imperative that TRUMP be called to testify under oath and explain to us 'all the Love that he saw', and excuses are not acceptable…

  23. GOP officials are bad people. The insurrectionists are bad people. The liars of MAGA, qanon and fox are bad people.

  24. It all boils down to one thing: " Hitler's reincarnate demons will not win in America"
    We brought them here from Germany but we can overcome them with true AMERICANS.

  25. all of us know that the mastermind of 1/6 coup and terror attract is donald trump. even the republican morons know but continue their denials and rhetorics because they are afraid for their positions. they will pretend and follow their cult commander trump. they are the judas of the 12 disciples, they have no principle, traitors to the Americans. they are so disgraceful!

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