'Hell He's Created': Trump Blasted For Lies Amid Covid-19 Surge

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss his new book “This Country: My Life in Politics and History,” the fallout of Donald Trump’s presidency and the importance of democracy.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC.

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  1. Trump the being on the planet today why are this country putting up with his B's do this country like all the crimes he has committed seem like they enjoy it been in the news every day more than when he was in office why not put him where he belong prison !!!!

  2. Trump gets things wrong from time to time and is a bit childish at times but he is way, way, way better than the disaster that now resides in the Whitehouse.

    Wake up people and don't just use your heart when voting…..Use your brains. Thanks to you people who allow yourselves to get brain washed by the media is why we now have a fool for a president.

  3. Too bad that Biden can't order Republicans around like Trump does. Maybe Biden should check out the FBI's files that they on the Republicans, like Trump did on the Democrats. It's not fair to Biden if Trump is the only one that has the GOP by the balls. # fight fire with fire.

  4. DJT shilling for vaccinations & masks would require admitting that his previous lies about vaccines and masks are untrue, and he is incapable of admitting his own errors; doesn't matter how many lives doubling down on his lives costs, he will refuse to change.

  5. I disagree, tRump IS stupid. He has a very limited vocabulary & comprehends even less! Being successful at being a self-serving self-aggrandizing POS does NOT make HIM a success!! The biggest issue we face is the obvious decay of our nation's moral fiber. There was a time when integrity & honor meant something. Having a moral compass and compassion for others were seen as basic American principles along with our desire to be free to govern ourselves. Now the primary goal ( especially within the GOPQ) is opportunistic power-grabbing by any means & at any cost!!! If we do not act to purge that decay our nation may not recover!!

  6. Donald Trump will never win another General Election in his lifetime. Far to many Indies and moderate R's have proven they would rather vote for a senile old man than Trump or a Trumpian candidate.

    Trump is that awful.

  7. Trump closed air travel from China Jan. 31, 2020 just ten days after Dr. Fauci said we had nothing to worry about from coronavirus! Biden called Trump a racist and a xenophobe at the time! If Biden were president, more people would have died from Covid!

  8. 9/11 who knocked down building seven gotta love it who knocked down building seven rand Paul smart guy how how can you no about domocracy what are you talking about democracy look Chris the 2020 election is a stolen they stated the audit stated that there was ,60 percent error .what are you talking about you don't even no this is on Biden not trp why trump explain this is on Biden if he won't get out of his basement that's on h not trump .this is no about trump you take away his vaccine and Biden it's on Biden it on Biden Chris your done your book not so much I remember that but freedom. Means nothing to you trump proved the election is crap 60 percent Chris go with the mews

  9. Let the guinea pigs take the vaccine and wait for it to be actually be FDA approved. People are going to feel really stupid if the FDA rejects these vaccines for being unsafe after so many people have poisoned there body..

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