Health Secretary Sajid Javid tests positive for COVID-19

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has tested positive for COVID-19 after only being in the role for three weeks and only two days away from ‘freedom day.’

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has offered his best wishes to Mr. Javid and wishes him a speedy recovery.

COVID-19 cases have soared in England as restrictions have eased over the past few weeks.

Sky’s Mark White has more details in his report.

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  1. How many getting seriously ill from vaccines – lying fooks! I have life long disease from Astrazeneca vaccine. Was healthy before!

  2. No he didn't test positive for covid, it hasn't been isolated so the test is fake, it's all a pack of lies to bring in Klaus Schwab's Great Reset aka The New World Order. Wake up sheeple !

  3. I'm so pleased that he's kept 'us all updated' as the health of our health secretary Sajid Javid is always on my mind.

  4. This is all BS, propaganda at it's fullest, nothing makes sense, we need the truth! Reminds me of Brave New World and Animal Farm totalitarian state is forming, this is nothing, we have plenty more to come!

  5. This guy was a disaster on his first time out as a cabinet minister. Now he's a disaster on his second time out as a cabinet minister. Congrats Sajid.

  6. Javid needs 50 booster jabs, say 1 pint of vaccine, that should cure him. Slie News pushing jab mania. Remember these liars and propagandists when the s hits the fan.

  7. delivering more covid into the nursing homes so they too get a ,their words, Good Death sooner rather than later ,,

  8. It's amazing not a single one of the politicians have died from this killa disease isn't it. None of them prepared to sacrifice themselves for the corporate agenda? LOL

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