Hasan Minhaj Calls Out Congress Over Student Loans: ‘You Paid Far Less For Your Degrees’ | NBC News

While testifying before the House Financial Services Committee, comedian Hasan Minhaj called out members of Congress for the student loan crisis by comparing current tuition costs to what they originally paid for the same school, which showed a 110 percent increase in overall tuition costs.
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Hasan Minhaj Calls Out Congress Over Student Loans: ‘You Paid Far Less For Your Degrees’ | NBC News


  1. College was cheap during the Cold war days and before then. That was the best time to go to college financially.

    Now college during the Iraq war days, college is waay too expensive and not worth it anymore and created a Trillion dollar Student loan crisis!

  2. Crazy these people think it makes sense for non college graduates to pay for the education of college graduates

    Pay your own bills

  3. Hey, I’m a hard-core progressive and was buying into the loan forgiveness argument. But now I’m putting my kids through school and discovering the actual cost has barely risen in the last 20 years. So why are we consider forgiving these loans? Someone help me understand.

    And for context the cost when I went to school was about $10k a year 25 years ago and now it’s between $12k and $14k at a well regarded state school. Room and board have risen by about the same amount. 89% of students receive a discount on advertised tuition which averages at 47%. It’s not a horror show we are being told.

    I’d like rational input on why people believe it is now a disfuctional system.

  4. LOL Here's how you know AOC is full of it…. she nor any other politician calling for student loan debt forgiveness has EVER written a bill to reverse the law congress passed not allowing student loans to be discharged through bankruptcy. That's how you know they're ALL TALK. Undo the law you passed not allowing student loans to be discharged then we'll listen to you… until then get to work on something that will actually HELP Americans.

  5. If I create debt I must pay for it. If not you pay off my mortgage credit cards car payments. Guess what homes have tripled car prices are super high gas all prices way up so what. That's life. No free ride. Come on man.

  6. If student debt is such a problem, then why not have a larger emphasis for young adults to go into some type of trade instead? Various trades pay very well with some professions even training on the job. Not to mention many trades are currently short handed and need reliable workers.

  7. I work part-time, am on Medicaid, and don't have dental. And, you cannot even get your foot in the door to get my job without college experience. I have student loans over ten years old and still cannot pay them off or make a decent dent in them. And yet, they want years of experience and college for most entry level jobs. It is insane. Previous generations never had so many obstacles for low wage jobs.

  8. Tuition went through the roof when banks got out and the government got in. Banks would at least way the risk. The government just threw money at kids. The colleges all raced to create new amenities while charging more money. Hired large sales staff to push enrollment. Complete waste of money.

    If these colleges taught anyone anything we’d realize this.

  9. People joked that my graduating from the CIA for cooking was really “Cash In Advance.” I now fully believe the Culinary Institute of America stands for “Cash In Arrears!”

  10. This country needs to wake up and start lowering college tuition and debt or else these baby boomers in charge of government, both conservative and liberal, will have to deal with a future generation working nothing but minimum wage jobs and these engineering, architectural, and computer programming jobs being outsourced to China and India. Mark my words, unless they lower prices, then this will blow up in their faces spectacularly.

  11. Everything he says is true, and makes SENSE.

    But to the Dept of Education, everything he said, doesn’t make them, any CENTS.

  12. I may not fully agree with Hasan on many issues, but I can't argue against the numbers on student debt.

  13. Imagine complaining about having to pay back money YOU BORROWED. I paid a total of $30,000 for mine over 4 years in cash. I worked went to community college first and lived at home the whole time.

  14. The student that I have been paying on I’m still unable to get a vehicle that’s one of the biggest helps it means I’m having a degree making it to work but I’m unable to because of student loans it’s not even possible to live my life can’t even get a house

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