HANDLOCK Revival! United in Stormwind Review #4 | Hearthstone

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00:00 – Blizzard lawsuit and related consequences
02:38 – Card Reviews

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  1. What is this ‘banned card’ trump doesn’t want to reveal? I can’t imagine blizzard would ever create an offensive/ explicit card? Can someone tell me what it’s called or link it, I want to know it’s stats, cost and affects

  2. First off, I did not read the lawsuit so I can't make statements about it's validity. However, I doubt most people outraged about it did either. A lawsuit is given to court, to get an impartial decision on the matter. People can make lawsuits about everything and against anyone. What matters, is the actual result of the court procedure. I don't like Blizzard especially after merging with Activision, but I am still going by unguilty until proven guilty. If the lawsuit actually has pretty hard evidence for it's claims, then you can be justified in judging them, but people that do this without even checking the evidence for it (not just reading some click-greedy news outlet) are pathetic.

  3. I lost a lot of respect for blizzard. Not because of the allegations but because they’re treating the allegation as if anyone outside of Twitter even cares. Abuse all the f*moids you want blizzard, just don’t let it interfere with the game.

  4. So the guy who plays piano with a very well known porn actress is sad about women being objectified. Lol the irony. People who feel the need to make public these kind of statements often are different people when away from the lens of the public world.

  5. Not revealing a card isn't the proper way to protest; why wouldn't you stop playing and promoting blizzard games? Because you are still making money out of blizzard content?🤮 It's also extremely irresponsible to the many hearthstone players worldwide as they are waiting for the new card. I hope blizzard won't give you any more card reveals in the future; I used to like you a lot, but not anymore.

  6. The card was that bad? Wow, how crazy is that timing right when the news comes out Trump had a card he felt correlated so directly. This company must really have some deep seeded issues if that’s the case..

  7. bro that's crazy, fuck blizzard for real, harrassment? rape? suicide? that's absolutely wild and inhumane, as much as i love this game I'm seriously considering not playing it anymore just in respect to the woman who suicided because of that harrassment.

  8. Dark Alley Pact and Anatheron might look pretty bad at first with no real idea of how to build a deck around them, but surely they just fit into the Neeru deck which wants to draw and discard cards ASAP. If you remove a few of the discard cards and focus on more valuable cards after drawing more cards I don't see an issue. Put the Warlock quest in, put cards like Backfire in. Sounds okay.

  9. Trumps idea of "justice" – I'm just virtue signal but don't actually do anything substantial. That's libtards idea of "social justice". I bet Acti/Blizz executives were just the same. "Well these allegations are abhorrent but as they say the show must go on our money depends on it!" Lmao It would be less hypocritical if he didn't say anything at all.

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