Grand Jury Seated In Trump GA Investigation | Zerlina.

A special grand jury has been seated in Georgia’s investigation into Trump’s efforts to reverse the 2020 election results. Glenn Kirschner and Kurt Bardella talk about what the jury can do and what’s next in the investigation. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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  1. Look we all heard him pressuring that governor for boats 11,000 80 bucks whatever it was he should be in prison he should have been indicted the day that happened come on people do your f**** job

  2. Joe Biden and pedophilia behavior should be investigated,, any man who showers with his daughter has some issues,, he's even lower than we imagined..I'll take Trump any day., better than the guy with Alzheimer's.

  3. Trump is probably the most investigated man in history, The dems are so afraid of him but its the american voter they need to fear, If they were to lock him up for nothing which they cant, It wouldnt change a thing in november, In fact I think it would help republicans, people see Bidens destroy america policy and dont like it at all

  4. I know that 20/20 was stolen from the people, because I got in my mail ,a name of a person I never heard of congratulations from Biden democrats thanking this person for voting for Joe Biden, but this is my home and I voted for Trump, not bubble head Joe Biden never, so someone used our address for. This person purpose, so I know that our votes for Trump was stolen, and I pray in Jesus name 🙏that the ture comes out,cause democrats are lying, because of midterm are around the corner, so democrats are trying to make trouble for Trump, I pray in Jesus name that the lord be with him and let him get reinstated amen 8

  5. Smoking gun … Please my ears are still ring from the concussion and my eyes still hurt from the powder flash that is from a year ago, I still see flash clouds in front of me. Besides with post-traumatic stress I have an incredible weird feel that I'm smarter than half the country and the Trump Republican Senate.

  6. Neighter Trump or his boot lickers are above the law America knows the truth about the 2020 elections so what is the justice department waiting to prosecute them thugs and throw them in prison because justice ⚖ matters in this case.

  7. If he won the state, then why did he need 11,780 votes? This is the nail in the coffin, to keep Trump from ever holding public office. Will they have the go nads? Finally?

  8. Let justice be serve. Lock Trump and all those Republicans that was involved in trying to steal our Election. And the Jan 6 Insurrection. LOCK THEM UP. TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW.

  9. psychopath Trump is probably the most blatantly corrupt and incompetent politician in US history..he is devoid of any ethics and morals..and didn't he once say ethics are a sign of weakness?

  10. Trump should be lock up why is he still free . Why isn’t he in jail he pays no taxes commited a crime by trying to make the insurrection why are they letting him be legged again . What’s wrong with the judicial law

  11. Trump need to be locked up before he damage the country more than he already.
    If he gets away with causing the January 6 roit America might never regain the standing it did before they elected an under educated clown as the as President with help of Russia.
    Who was and is the iaughing stock of the world
    A billionaire he never was his only billions was in the money he owes to the banks.
    I can never under stand why if he was investigated.before he ran how could people who expect a 6 time heading for 7th bankruptcy businessman to run the country.
    America has lost a lot of standing in the world which it will take years to live down.

  12. What kind of moron would you need to be to understand what Trump said in the phone call wasn’t a direct request to ‘fix’ the vote? It’s blindingly obvious!

  13. Mark my words because he is getting on with the old age pensions routines with propaganda
    Donald 'psychopath' Trump & Vladimir 'psychopath' Putin and furthermore get rid of them !

  14. This is all corrupt Georgia is and sitting grand juries in Georgia the grand jury comes from the county that was affected by the crime so this granddaughter against Trump would have been a lot of democrat black and brown voters on his grand jury because those are the people Trump tried to rip off so knowing that Georgia lawmakers change the law to when you pull Grand jewelry it's for people all over the state not just from the county that's affected that way to get more from people on the grand jury not to indict him

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