Global National: Nov. 23, 2021 | Vital BC rail line reopens as supply chain backlog mounts

Some of British Columbia’s key roads remain closed after landslides and floods triggered by an extreme weather disaster. But one vital rail line has reopened, and another will soon follow. Mike Armstrong looks at their mountainous task still ahead for the truck industry, as the supply chain backlog builds up.

More than a week after Merritt, British Columbia was evacuated due to flooding, some residents are now being allowed to return home. As Darrian Matassa-Fung reports, Mayor Linda Brown is warning that Merritt is now a different city.

In Ottawa, Governor General Mary Simon laid out the top priorities of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s second minority government, as she read the throne speech to officially open the 44th Parliament. David Akin explains how the opposition is taking issue with the lack of details in the government’s agenda. And Mercedes Stephenson looks at Trudeau’s strategy, what priorities were missing, and whether opposition parties will work with the government.

Despite Canada’s pledge to rescue and resettle families fleeing Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, many remain separated after the chaotic evacuation from Kabul. Jeff Semple spoke with an Afghan mother in Canada about how she was forced to leave behind her husband, who worked as a Canadian Armed Forces interpreter, and their daughter, as they wait anxiously for Ottawa to take action.

And two months after becoming the first country to adopt cryptocurrency as legal tender, El Salvador is now planning to build an entire city backed by Bitcoin. Redmond Shannon explains how feasible the ambitious project really is, and why a volcano plays a vital role.

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