Global National: Nov. 22, 2021 | BC braces for more bad weather as it copes with flooding aftermath

British Columbia braces for another atmospheric river, while the province still tries to clean up and assess the damage from a flooding disaster. Farmers in particular are still trying to count their losses in its wake. Robin Gill spoke with Abbotsford farmer Matt Dykshoorn about the exhausting mental and financial toll the catastrophe has taken.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Canadian Armed Forces members are helping hard-hit areas of the province. Mike Armstrong takes a ride with the military to get a bird’s eye view of the daunting task ahead.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is suspending shipments of all fresh potatoes from Prince Edward Island to the United States, after a fungus known as ‘potato wart’ was found. Ross Lord looks at what the fungus does to potatoes and reports on the uproar over the decision.

In Ottawa, Parliament has reconvened, but MPs only have weeks to pass legislation with the Christmas break quickly approaching. David Akin looks at four key legislative priorities Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government hopes to tackle on the tight deadline.

In the United States, Darrell E. Brooks, 39, is in police custody, accused of driving an SUV into a crowd at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing at least five people and injuring dozens of others, including children. Jackson Proskow reports on the victims and what police say Brooks was trying to escape.

And Canada’s highest military honour, the Victoria Cross, has not been awarded to anyone since the Second World War. But many veterans argue Pte. Jess Larochelle deserves the honour. As Mike Drolet reports, the campaign has now the caught the eye of Canada’s top soldier, Gen. Wayne Eyre.

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  1. Step one, train the people only to consume
    Step two, infiltrate adults with the news
    Step three, indoctrinate the children through the schools
    And the music and the apps on the phones that they use
    Step four, separate the right from the left
    Step five, separate the white from the black
    Step six, separate the rich from the poor
    Use religion and equality to separate 'em more
    Step seven, fabricate a problem made of lies
    Step eight, put it on the news every night
    Step nine, when people start to fight and divide
    Take control, this is called situational design

  2. How about the harassment we receive from the hospital workers like the one who swore at me for not agreeing to her beliefs about the Covid19 virus? Where is my pay?
    This is total garbage vaccinating children who have zero threats over this Covid19!

  3. We need more small farms instead of these 30,000 chickens barns, these chickens live in cages all their lives, no sympathy for this type of livestock farming. Hope they all go out of business.

  4. sure you saw "Benette" speech yesterday about going straight to the source,and "Gant" arrival in Morocco a few hours after that.we have a team of mercenaries landed in the country today.just one question: do you all agree on this? or was it just an individual move? do you really want to pay the price of someone else bad decision?tell him to finish his visit as soon and pack his luggage and go home,don't let him do something stupid.

  5. Potatoes were all people lived off of when there was no food during the wars, great depression, etc. When there was no bread or butter, there was potatoes. People need to start caring about people. Biden is just an old man who feeds the world only through his stomach. Canada should no better than to freak out about everything.

  6. The Happiest Sad Birthday

    Let me tell you a true story that sends an important message to all of us. Halleli, a 4-year-old girl from Jerusalem with special needs, wanted to celebrate her birthday with her friends from kindergarten. Her loving parents arranged for everything: the place, the food and sweets, a clown to entertain the kids, and various fun activities that all the children enjoy doing. All her friends from kindergarten had promised they would come, and Halleli couldn't wait to celebrate with them. But in the end, only one girl showed up. The candy, the clown, and the games just stood there, untouched and unwanted.
    The next day, heartbroken, the girl refused to go to kindergarten. Her parents were beside themselves with sorrow and worry for their child and didn't know how to comfort her. In his distress, Halleli's father posted on social media what had happened, and matters took a sharp turn for the better.
    A man from the neighborhood read the post and was overcome with emotion. "I have kids too," he thought. "What if she were my daughter?" He felt he had to do something to give that girl an experience that would wash away her sadness. He decided to throw her the birthday party of her life.
    He combed the neighborhood and told everyone about Halleli and that he was organizing a birthday party for her and asked everyone to come. A few days later, Halleli had her party. This time, hundreds of children and their parents showed up to make the little girl happy on her special day. Her parents were overjoyed and grateful beyond words to the kind stranger, and as for Halleli, her face beamed brighter than the sun.
    This story doesn't only tell us about human kindness. It is a warning sign. It demonstrates how heartless, perhaps even cruel, we can be if we are not organized and galvanized into positive action. It also proves the immense potential that lies in establishing mutual responsibility in society. When people who don't know each other help each other because this is the value they live by, there is no end to what such a society can achieve.
    The Jewish people became a nation when complete strangers found the words of their teacher, Abraham, compelling enough to implement. His teachings about kindness and mercy as the key to solving society's problems struck a chord in the hearts of his listeners and they joined his group. This is why mutual responsibility and "love your neighbor as yourself" are the tenets of Judaism – social laws that relate not to God but to our fellow person.
    Today, when alienation permeates every corner of human society, we desperately need mutual responsibility and care for others. These are the only qualities, the only values that can keep human society from collapsing altogether. Just as Abraham had found that the remedy to his homeland's social ills were care for others, all of us must now realize that the cure for heartlessness has not changed since ancient times. The only difference is that alienation has now spread throughout the world.
    Humanity must do today what the ancient Hebrews did – unite across divisions and establish love of others where today there is nothing but hatred. Perhaps such moving stories as the one about Halleli's birthday will help us realize that mutual responsibility is not a noble but unrealistic notion, but an imperative step we must take to ensure our survival as a functioning society.

  7. BC is the worst of all provinces but we need to save the farm animals they don't deserve that. The farms can take there insurance and move out of BC. Im kinda sure next is earthquake or asteroid or nuke! Maybe tornado's? Leave BC for China and call it a loss.

  8. Ask this question! Why has japan flattened the curve Bonnie Henry!! Ivermectin saved Japan after a HUGE spike in cases! Aug 13 they started to prescribe ivermectin and ten days later it started to dropped almost none!! FACT!!!

  9. For God sake, how can't you people see this is not climate changing but the Apocalypse. We are in the year two thousand and that means two thousand of God regin to convert people Him. We been having disaster Golbal, how much more is needed to open your hearts to GOD!!.. " is it something out scientists approve🤔". Open your hearts to GOD as this is the begining of birth pain as there's more to come. Blessings 🙏 🙏 Amen 😔 be at peace ➕.

  10. When we ignore or lie about climate change, this is the result. My only hope is that humans tend to pull together when it's go time although I know there are many many stupid people who still don't get it or don't want to admit life is going to change.

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