Global National: Nov. 21, 2021 | More rainfall on the way for flood-ravaged BC

More bad news for British Columbia as that province is set to see more heavy rain this week even as crews scramble to repair the damage from last week’s rainfall. By the end of today more than 500 Canadian Forces personnel will be on the ground assisting with evacuations, rescuing livestock and helping to protect critical infrastructure. And that help is desperately needed in the city of Abbotsford which is now racing to build up dikes ahead of that severe weather expected in the coming days. Mike Armstrong is in Abbotsford.

Canada’s 44th parliament will convene for the first time Monday and there was plenty on the agenda to occupy the government and Global News chief political correspondent David Akin.

Now as we know children have a lower risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19, but doctor’s in Alberta are seeing increase in children hospitalized with a post-COVID syndrome known as MIS-C. Sixty-one cases have been reported in that province and the illness typically comes on about four weeks after the COVID-19 infection. And in some cases some children become so sick that they end up in intensive care. Heather Yourex-West reports.

COVID-19 kept Americans home last Thanksgiving, but this year millions are on the move and airline bookings are up over 100 per cent compared to 2020. But those travel plans may hit some turbulence and that’s because agents from the Transportation Safety Administration are required to be vaccinated – and many are refusing. Jennifer Johnson has more.

Canada’s fishing industry generates six billion dollars a year and puts food on the table for thousands of Canadians. But a new report is warning that this country’s fish stocks are depleted and in questionable health. And yes there is one popular species that is making a remarkable comeback. Ross Lord has the details.

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  1. BLM riots, fire everywhere looting and violence… it's a peaceful protest.

    Lock down riots, fire everywhere looting and violence… it's a riots. Obviously…

  2. Who are these 27% of people who care about the pandemic?
    I know 1 guy who cares and he's a vegan so his opinion is worth half of a normal person's.

    Inflation is the issue.

  3. Dozens of ships are stuck in the Arctic ice due to an early start to Winter. The Russian weather forecasters got it wrong. Ice breakers are on the way to rescue them.
    Now lets see if this post vanishes into the ether!

  4. Global Snooze didn't like the number of thumbs down they were getting so they got rid of them. But the sensationalism, the fake reporting and overall uninspiring drama driven gum flapping has not changed. I just looked at my made-up counter (something they'll appreciate) and it looks like you have another 1500 dislikes. Don't you know it rains on the wet coast? are you that stunned?

  5. Any chance the kids with MIS C could be experiencing effects of shed vaccine spike from their parents or close adults? I understand that is a possibility and would make sense given near identical to issues to those in children who have been directly vaccinated in test groups.

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