Germany: Merkel vows support after dozens killed in floods @BBC News live 🔴 BBC

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It’s Friday 16 July 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged full support for the victims of some of the country’s worst flooding in decades.

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  1. Meanwhile in China during henan enormous flood:

    All the other provinces in China started transporting living resources, and rescue within 2 hrs, most arrived within 1 day despite the horrific storm.

    People from nearby provinces risk their own lives to send food, save lives, make sure none of the sewers are blocked, and provide mental support.

    Donation all over media and social organisations, some Chinese companies that have lost billions in profit in the past few years donated millions of euros at risk of bankruptcy, low-key yet still found out by a few people, then the word spread and people rushed to buy their products and send money to the company, and insist on things like "Paid, you can just send me an empty box I'll be happier."

    Shops, schools, some military sites, anywhere not yet flooded in henan are open to the public and people living in tall buildings host as many smelly strangers as possible at their own homes.

    Scientific survival tips and real time information all over on the Internet, mouth-by-mouth so that people can help themselves and others, spread faster than ever.

    Similar things during any disaster in China I've heard. Every time I feel so astonished by how selfless and united humans can be and what amazing results it can lead to (just imagine that happening across the globe, we could save the world). Unfortunately, you can't yet name any other place like this, only in China.

  2. With all respect to Mr Olaf. This is not about global warming, read the Holy Bible. This is the signs of the end times, the return of Jesus Christ is upon us. This is the signs to repent and turn to God. Our time on earth is limited. My prayers are with the people effected by this event.

  3. Some say climate change, others we are entering a cyclical phase. Either way, there is no green energy that is going to stop or reduce this.

  4. Let's start with ourselves and boycott palm oil, buying clothes, buying and throwing away plastic, wanting better and more. What is the demand for that and the supply!

  5. in fact that for wealth western countries by flood disaster after moment of economic flourishing, because many peoples need buy new house, car, home appliances and repairs it, it's cool weather get warm fire. but poor countries by flood disaster after moment of alive or dead, because many people homeless and hungry, it's cool weather get falling snow

  6. 全球氣候暖化主要原因,因為人為放火
    it's mainly cause of the global climate warming, because it's set fire by men

  7. Seriously Brits! You don't need to voice your happiness. You are so disrespectful. Mind your own business. Germany certainly doesn't need your abuse. Take your media and shove it where the crown jewels don't shine!

  8. Mrs Merkel the likely cause of these enormous floods could well be a judgement from the God of Israel against man for his denial of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ whom He sent to earth 2000 years ago as a sacrifice to cover all of mans sins.

    This world has mocked Jesus and His Father.

    He is becoming wrath filled because of the sins of man such as abortion, sodomy murder adultery and many other wicked things man does today.

    Nothing to do with global rubbish of climate change

  9. Yésu yitna. Christ arrive. Christ is coming.
    Luc 21 : 27.
    La 7ème trompette. Révélation 14 : 14..
    1 Corinthiens 15 : 50.
    1 Thessaloniciens 4 : 16-17.

  10. My prayers are with Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. I also pray we will all take what action we can and be directed by Governments to reverse climate change. My church prayed for these areas today and I will continue to pray. Man must stop destroying lives through climate change.

  11. Never miss an 0pportunity to blame flooding on the fake man made climate change typical Satanic Fabian globalist communist BFC propaganda, who was to blame when Noah took to the ark, there's been climate disasters since Adam eat the God forbidden apple Eve gave him in the garden of Eden, God help those hundreds of people and their loved one's that lost their lives in Germany, Holland, and Belgium, no finger pointing by the BFC at communist China's man made Bat plague that has according to the BFC has killed millions of innocent people caused hardships poverty house arrests lossed incomes etc all around the world, the question is why?

  12. this is the pre-curser to the upcoming climate shifts, History has proven through scientific evidence that just before the sun goes into a long solar minimum (were sun spots decrease) the planet will see increase natural disasters like never before, this is evident in the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii and the extreme heat cycle in the western U.S. and now Europe, these weather patterns will continue until the sun goes to its minimum sun spot activity for which it has not reach as of yet.

  13. So many floods and not one word of repentance prayers for God you should be ashamed of yourselves…

    So viele Überschwemmungen und kein Wort der Reuegebete für Gott, ihr solltet euch schämen…

    Tant d'inondations et pas un mot de prières de repentance pour Dieu, vous devriez avoir honte de vous-mêmes…

    Toľkých povodní a ani jedného slova pokánia za Boha by ste sa za seba nemali hanbiť

  14. Jeremiah 4:7


    “The lion is come up from his thicket, and the destroyer of the Gentiles is on his way; he is gone forth from his place to make thy land desolate; and thy cities shall be laid waste, without an inhabitant.”

  15. Move to higher grounds. Boats and ships future Transportation. Climate change is Global. Noah's ark and days are coming back.

  16. I truly feel for the flood victims, yet having an unknown fluid bypassing your GOD given immune system by way of injection will prove to be far more lethal than any flooding.

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