German Chancellor Merkel visits flood-ravaged region | DW News

Chancellor Angela Merkel visited parts of western Germany hit by the flooding, which has killed at least 156 people. The chancellor spoke in a village devastated by the floodwaters.
She described the damage as ‘surreal’ and ‘terrifying.’ She pledged rapid help from the government – and said Germany must do more to tackle climate change.
The disaster area spans more than 100 kilometers near the border with the Netherlands and Belgium, where the district of Ahrweiler was the worst hit.
Merkel visited the small town of Schuld where she examined the extent of the damage there. The swollen river in the town swept away houses and left debris piled high in the streets. The chancellor also met with survivors and emergency workers.


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  1. The world has turned its back on God. Few acknowledge God as God. HE is showing you the world WITHOUT Him by simply not protecting the nations the way He did when they did acknowledge Him. World leaders SAY and do DEEDS telling God this is what they want. They are attempting to FORCE us to concede to them.

  2. Die BRD IST EINE KORRUPTE MAFI Vereinigung. Warum schauen die Besatzungsmächte zu und helfen diesen Satanistenplan Great Reset durchzusetzen. In jedem Krieg gibt es Patrioten und die kämpfen um ihre Kinder Freiheit Gerechtigkeit. Ihr Reichen gewinnt vielleicht eine Schlacht aber den Krieg gewinnt das Leben

  3. Meanwhile in China during henan enormous flood:

    All the other provinces in China started transporting living resources, and rescue within 2 hrs, most arrived within 1 day despite the horrific storm.

    People from nearby provinces risk their own lives to send food, save lives, make sure none of the sewers are blocked, and provide mental support.

    Donation all over media and social organisations, some Chinese companies that have lost billions in profit in the past few years donated millions of euros at risk of bankruptcy, low-key yet still found out by a few people, then the word spread and people rushed to buy their products and send money to the company, and insist on things like "Paid, you can just send me an empty box I'll be happier."

    Shops, schools, some military sites, anywhere not yet flooded in henan are open to the public and people living in tall buildings host as many smelly strangers as possible at their own homes.

    Scientific survival tips and real time information all over on the Internet, mouth-by-mouth so that people can help themselves and others, spread faster than ever.

    Similar things during any disaster in China I've heard. Every time I feel so astonished by how selfless and united humans can be and what amazing results it can lead to (just imagine that happening across the globe, we could save the world). Unfortunately, you can't yet name any other place like this, only in China.

  4. She is not shocked. She ignores, instead she gave advice to vaccine the people.
    Totally Crazy world we are in. The most weaked reigns and the normal and believers are attacked.
    🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 May God protect us

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