Georgia Gov. Kemp speaks out on defeating Trump-endorsed challenger

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp joins ‘Special Report’ to react to resounding victory over Sen. David Perdue. #FoxNews #SpecialReport

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  1. So Brian, dosent think he has to be responsible for his behavior Wow!!!

    Neither did British Petroleum on March 23 2005 when there Oil Refinery in Texas City killed all kinds of folk.

    BP payed off some folks no jail time for anyone, just like Brian is going to do.

    I guess this is the Defnition of White Privillage?

    Must be nice not to be responsible for you're behavior, but claim some kinda of Moral Majority at the same time with the Republican Party.

    The Hypocrisy is beyond mind blowing.
    It's just so Fox News Like, lie for profit and that doesn't work lie again, and again, and again 🤮 add a wedge issue and some fear🙃

  2. With all due respect,
    Is it possible Trump was the victim of a cyber attack for identity theft? Perhaps if allegations are correct, may one infer that Georgia is the country near Russia?
    If alleged cyber crimes operate predominantly out of eastern European nations or India, who is to speculate that this was not intentional sabotage?

    …. Allegedly

  3. It’s completely wicked and evil how they hate cheat and lie on Trump. May GOD Step in this time to Expose and stop vicious corruption which has engulfed the U.S. nation.

  4. America is protected by Jesus. none devil devour her Chosen need your prayers Jesus will fight 4 u Glorify Jesus being Gracious despite our sins n pride .. Repent n Ask Jesus to Testore America

  5. Rinos – Kemp and many others. I wish kemp would look UP and then act. Godliness became a hallmark of our government at all levels. Kemp against Abraham as evil against evil. We allowed such then we deserve what we have.

  6. My cousin is mentally handicapped. He’s saddled with Vitiligo and was born with both male and female genitals in Wyoming. He only went to school to the third grade and can read some very simple constructs which may be a result of his extremely poor vision.  I’m going to help him run for some Republican position in Georgia.  I heard he may have a chance if I get him a red baseball cap and a plastic AR-15
    for his campaign poster.  Come on Trump, giv’m a shot. He won’t forget your support. I wrote your name on a sticky note pinned to his shirt. P.S. he can also climb a peach tree.

  7. He is right. The criminals are the ones committing crimes with guns. Americans please never give up yr guns….. from SAfrica. It's not the gun giving problems. Criminals are.

  8. Shut up you never Trumper bafoon true the vote said your state had 100,000 crooked votes from mules hauling them from democrats headquarters! Guys like you and Liz cheney and Goober Graham Ruin this country! THEY PULLED 100% BIDEN BALLOTS UNDER TABLES AT 200 AM WHEN VOTE COUNTING DOOR WAS CLOSED! TO THE PUBLIC OFFICIALS? IDIOT LIAR

  9. Remember folks, Kemp used to be in charge of elections in Georgia before he became governor, so he knows every dirty trick in the book on how to make votes appear out of nowhere without getting caught! But sure, vote for him so that the Dems can collect your voter information so they know exactly which ones to throw in the garbage 🙄

  10. Walker won with 68%. Makes you wonder. But you have to remember on thing. Georgia is an open primary state, meaning any one can vote for any party. Now who would be easiest to beat in the general election? Someone that is articulate and not a proven liar, or someone that has a worse thought pattern than a 3 year old. How many democrats voted for Walker because he would be easer to beat.

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