Full video: Trump-Clinton first presidential debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in their first presidential debate at Hofstra University on Monday, Sept. 26. Watch the full debate.


  1. Because you'd be in jail not just because of Watergate or the death surrounding the Clinton crime family or the scams you pulled on other countries or the uranium etc etc Hillary is a POS haha haha haha

  2. In the meantime she was in the middle of cooking up the Russian collusion. Look where we are now?

  3. Debate….that does not solve problems. Politicians debate. Thats's why problems never get solved.

  4. Obama was born in 1961… The Hospital on his Birth certificate Kapiolani wasn't open till 1978!… I know I moved there in 1979!…

  5. Politics is a bad thing, they fought Trump while he was president instead of supporting him , they made him look bad to his citizens in other for democrats to seize power instead of making the country better . the Trump then was very composed and direct .

  6. This people. I don't. Have. Honesty. In. Their. Mind. I. Want. Them. To. Return. The. Land. Back. To. Mexico. The. Land. Doesn't. Belong. To. Them. How. Do. You. Have. Such. Friends. That. Attack. You. Without. Any. Regrets. America. Dot. Attack. Your. Friends. It. Will. Cone ; back. To. You. Take. A. Good. Look. At. What. Is. Happening. To. Your. Leaders. Their. Have. Been proven. To be. Nothing. Than liars. No. Trust. Will. Be. Entrusted. On. Them. So. Failure. To. The. Leaders. Is. In. The. Coming days. And. Years. Lou.

  7. Listening to this debate, to hear Capt. Cheeto talk, he showed himself to be who he really is in this debate. His sniffing and snorting shows his 'allergies' being quite obvious.

  8. I voted third party. These two were the best the Democrats and Republicans could come up with.

  9. Biden won't do it. His handlers will get him out of it. They'll do something like he has covid, scheduling problem, something. TRUMP 2024

  10. Her body language shows how lies spews out of her mouth. Trump was right and i hope people watch this again. Now look what we have in office. Scary times

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