"Free Speech": Comic Munawar Faruqui's Mumbai Show Backed By Congress Unit

Stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui, who has been facing a tough time lately after facing several show cancellations amid controversies, on Saturday performed in Mumbai – the performance was hosted by the AIPC, a Congress unit.

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  1. to wasim rizevi na sahi al bukhari ma aayasha bibi na hazrat Muhammad ko sharabi bataya hai to uska free speech tum Muslims maan liya

  2. ahahahah indian Muslims ko free speech chahiya balasmhey law nahi to bhai Muhammad ka cartoon se kisko problem hai

  3. ☻जातिवाद☻ का दोष ब्राह्मणो पर मडने वालो अपने गिरीवान में झाँको क्या तुम जातपात नहीं मानते? पढो "पवित्र बाइबल" उत्पति 1:26,27,28 और जानो कि हम सबके शुरूआती मात पिता एक थे और हमसब एक परिवार हैं आमीन👎

  4. Does he support Charlie Hebdo drawing as freedom of speech or only Hindus deserve special privilege?

  5. Congress apni bachi kuchi image bhi mitti mein mila rahi.. samjh nhi rahi kya vo sirf muslim se jeet jaegi.. jo already सपा । ओवैसी में bata hai..

  6. It's not about abusing or using wrong language on Hindu Gods.
    It's about you hate BJP and hidutva ideology or you love.
    If you hate BJP n bring their reality out infront of evryone you will be in trouble bhakts will abuse n threat you even you can be behind the cells.
    If you love BJP n Hindutva ideology n support them then you will be safe nothing will happen to you even you abuse Hindu gods you will be safe like Akshay Kumar.

  7. Yes, if you bulling any religion whatever it's, it's effects Indian. Yes whatever religion is Hindu/Muslim/Christian…if you joke over anything, it's not done and not tolerated any more. Yes , obviously we take action through under law and order. Yes, Munawar you comics over anything except religion In Indian, if you think it's not freedom, yes it's.

  8. I am not at all right wing ,Left wing or a liberal
    I don’t even know these words few months back
    But what munawwar did by hurting religious sentiments was not at all acceptable

    Thats y he is facing such situation
    N extremists know how to exploit this issue

    These kind of situations give opportunity to right wing extremists to spread hatred among the people and polarise them …

  9. Surprisingly this is the same congress that banned the satanic verses by Salman Rushdie…..where was there freedom of speech that time????😂

  10. If freedom of speech only one sided ndtv?? When Charlie hebdo incident happened you liberals were crying that it's hate speech but now u say that when it comes to making fun of Hinduism…the logic here is that it's freedom of speech…. hipocrite much???

  11. So shud they have come out for gurugram friday fiasco and shameless acts committed by losers…this is convenient

  12. He is psycho. People should not only cancel his shows but also teach him a lesson on stage. This is same congress who is attacked on Kangana.

  13. Hope ab ye jesa hindu bhagwan ka majak banata tha Allah Muhammad Ayesha Fatima par bhe joke banaye ga …. Aor freedom of speech 💬

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