Fox News Viewers Less Vaccinated As Trump Fuels Hesitancy

A new Axios study reveals that the percentage of Fox News viewers that are vaccinated is significantly less than the percentage of viewers of other networks like CNN and MSNBC. This comes as the coronavirus is surging among the unvaccinated. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined by Dr. Kavita Patel and MSNBC contributor Juanita Tolliver to discuss virus misinformation and the rise in cases of the virus. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC.

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  1. This country is a disgrace in so many ways! We claim to be the "greatest" but are lagging behind the world in almost every way. We are inherently selfish & fight against the better good. If these idiots don't want a free, life saving vaccine…send it to countries in need! Let those pro-life suicidal anti-vaxxers be pro-choice for a change! All we can do is protect ourselves & our families! I'm not spending hours at a time in their icu rooms this time around. I'm vaccinated & am more concerned about my safety & the safety of my family than I was last year!

  2. I'm not "misinformed." I understand the degree to which I am "putting my family at risk," and I don't believe you when you say the vaccines are safe & effective. The vaccines are still in the trial phase, have not been tested for whether they cause cancer, auto-immune illness, or fertility issues. Not only that, but reports of injuries & deaths to the VAERS system are off the charts!! Finally, this huge push to first entice, now smear, and tomorrow jail (?) us for NOT getting the vaccine, is a huge red flag. Do you even KNOW what the ingredients are, Ari?

  3. The CDC is undercounting breakthrough cases by ONLY counting hospitalizations & deaths. If you don't count 90% of cases, you're going to come to the wrong conclusion. In addition, the CDC is counting ALL partially vaxxed, ALL fully vaxxed but not 14 days post 2nd dose, and ALL cases where vax status is unknown as "unvaccinated." In reality, the vaccine is failing all over, and fully vaxxed people are getting sick, going to the hospital, and spreading the infection to others, both vaxxed & unvaxxed alike.

  4. It makes no sense, trump wanted to take credit for vaccines but didn't want his base to take it. But he did and other Republicans who refuse to say if they did, did.

  5. Once a charismatic liar succeeded in the mass-deluding of his cult following. At the end of his reign over them he convinced a great many to take part in a mass suicide, ending the lives that pledged loyalty to him. By Jim, I am Jones-ing for the name of that Kool Aid drinking cult….OH, YEAH! It was the Trump-cult!

  6. You keep saying safe and effective when you can't know that it's a brand new technology you're lying when you say that so that's why I'm just so disinterested in your your views first thing you say is a lie and you guys will probably censor this too censor this too and take it down

  7. Considering Trump is the one who brought you the vaccine while some Democrats said they would be hesitant to take it if it came from Trump cough Kamala *cough*.
    This video is some nice nonsense

  8. What’s the purpose of talking about it we already talked about it it’s clear that a lot of Republican people, Fox viewers rather do more harm by discrediting the vaccine and mask then helping out. They don’t want to help to stop people from wearing masks to me it’s like they want to keep it going. And the loudmouth governor from Florida need to be voted out of office along with the Georgia governor

  9. I think other countries have a mind of their own. I think that other countries are smart enough to make decisions They aren’t looking to America and seeing if they should be vaccinated or not. The world thinks America is Does not listen to America does not look to America for anything except for refuge the rest of the world looks down on it now us!

  10. I guess if you want to get vaccinated or not depends on what news channel you watch.. So what news channel should I watch!? Or maybe we can wish for that to be mandated someday as well! Then we will have no choice but to think how we are told to think! I guess that’s The America that we want! Well I don’t rely on any new source to tell me what I should do with my own body maybe the news should start telling women to get or not get abortions

  11. The numbers aren't there folks yet you run like trained mice for these shots made in such a rush no one knows the repercussions yet there are thousands of us with out them doing just fine go figure

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