1. Love it love it love it ! Best election ever.

    10 months later, I am still waking up to “this just in Biden won”. I hope you pretenders find something else to cling all your hopes to.

    Best election ever, keep crying!!

  2. You libtards ask for the impeachment of Trump because your a bunch of little brats. We're asking for bidens resignation because he's actually destroying our country and the trust we had with our allies. Biden asked for the withdrawal out of veitnam in 75 at all cost, look what happened. He did the same in 2013 in Iraq, isis was emboldened and highly equipped. Now he's president and look what happened. We saw the pattern but trying to inform you was like talking to rocks. You had this information but chose to ignore it. The blame for loss of life lands squarely on your head. You voted with your genitals and heart. Voting is no joke. Do you see it now? If not, you just can't fix stupid has new meaning

  3. the wacko Donnie is at it again, YOU LOST!! Remember, just get all your other wacko mates to give you their money, that's all dopie Donnie wants, your money, he doesn't give a stuff about you, just give me your money, that's why he is back, Zeena, Trump lost, no fraud he just LOST

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