Former President Trump files lawsuit against social media companies

CNBC’s Eamon Javers reports on former President Donald Trump’s class action lawsuit against tech giants Twitter, Facebook and Alphabet.


  1. CNBC isn’t doing a good thing here so those that think they are your obviously still assleep and enjoying the American Dream
    But this is called doing their job to gain some viewers cause they’ve never been this low

  2. Mary Trump is messed up in her head….Mocking her uncle Donald Trump as she does she is no
    better than MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS…They mocked President Trump since he was
    elected and in no doubt created treason. She must be a crack addict or just plain stupid and jealous.
    We had the best economy ever and lowest gas prices, etc when President Trump was in office..

  3. Yes they are private companies and I do have service agreements. However when the service agreement shows benefits over others and discriminate against others and disparaging ways there’s a lawsuit to be heard. For example you can sue private companies for not following their own rules and you could do the same to your employer these are real issues

  4. I have been very blessed by your ministry and pray for each and everyone involved. I truly believe we are in the last days for I heard the Lord say I am soon. So we will see a lot of things happen this is a time to not quit, to not grow weary and faint.🤗 God bless you !|

  5. Trump is still wanting to be a two-bit dictator with full control of America. It's not "America First," but "Trump First." He loves non-white people like Hitler loved Jewish people. He's destroyed the America we one knew. Trump is not paying for the lawyers. Republican idiots are!

  6. i tried to share a hearing of actual people (pro vax people)wanting to tell and be heard about their covid19 vac. injury…and fb. wouldnt share bcus " it went against their comm. standard! ONE MORE EXAMPLE OF CENSORSHIP OF FREE SPEECH

  7. You have the right to say what you'd like as protected by the first amendment, but no private entity has the obligation to provide you a platform to say it.

  8. not hearing Trump spouting his hatred daily is a breath of fresh air, but he was the greatest Comedian the USA has ever produced , just a few oldies , Airport in the civil war, drinking bleach, big water ocean water, Canines i liked to call them dogs, I want to date my daughter, my god its endless

  9. If people like Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Green and Matt Gaetz can actually represent us then the system is definitely broken and we are all f**ked until the conscientious among us do something dramatic to fix it.

  10. Technically it's president trump. Not bc the election was stolen but after they kept calling Biden vice president when he wasn't active vice president during the de ates I found out that technically they keep their president/vice president term forever. So technically even though he isn't in office or and active president it's still president trump.

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