Five dead after car ploughs into Wisconsin parade – BBC News

Five people have been killed and more than 40 injured after a car ploughed into a parade in the US state of Wisconsin.

Footage shows a red SUV driving through a Christmas parade in the city of Waukesha at around 16:40 local time.

Police chief Dan Thompson said it hit dozens of people, including children. One person is in custody.

The incident does not appear “at this time” to be an act of terrorism, one official said. The suspect appeared to have been fleeing another scene when he ran into people at the parade, the official told the BBC’s US partner CBS News.

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  1. Should have 2-3 big trucks at the front and end of the parades so something like this doesnt happen. Shame. Worlds a fucked up place u gotta expect the worse always or u pay the fuckin price bruh

  2. Car drives through a crowd? did it drive itself or something? Call it what it is an act of terror committed by a black man✌🏻 who made rap songs talking about killing white people ! ‘Who was out on bail after running over the mother of his child with the same car!🙄

  3. BBC Persian would've made a hero of this lunatic
    and said he was a protesting human rights activist

    Any way,
    So sad about innocent people losing their lives

  4. The perpetrator was a person of a nationality that was not Caucasian. But perhaps you won't hear this on BBC because BBC is secretly bias to left-wing ideals. Specifically the one that says only Caucasian heterosexual males are capable of these kinds of crime's🤬


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  6. Is this racism? Is it terrorism? Will the policeman be disciplined for shooting at a Black man? Why is the media not mentioning his race? How is the fault of the White patriarchy? A few years ago the media used to stoke racism by always pointing out that the perpetrator was Black and the victim White; how they always point out the races involved when the perpetrator is White and the victim Black. Sick of this cycle of media, Hollywood, politics driven racism.

  7. I can't wait to leave America. Everyday insanity occurs. You literally cannot do anything or go anywhere without the threat of danger because Ronald Reagan closed the nuthouses so now they're our problem.

  8. More bbc ignoring the truth as it doesn't suit the bbc marxist narrative, he wasn't fleeing the scene you shills. List his colour, convictions, ideology, tweets etc

  9. It is absolutely insane how no media outlets are calling this a hate crime just because the victims are white and the attacker black. Insane. I mean, I could not say hello back to a black dude these days and I would get accused of a hate crime. Anything that anyone does they get accused of a hate crime. If a white person did this at a black festival, IMAGINE the media reaction. Left wing are the worst people on this entire earth. So cancerous.

  10. "incident"?? Do you know the identity of that monster? You do know that charges of intentional homicide have been pressed, right?! But i'm sorry… the "incident" does not match your narrative

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