Fed Chair Powell and Treasury Secretary Yellen testify before Congress on CARES Act — 9/28/21

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell speaks in front of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on Tuesday.

Powell to caution Washington legislators that the causes of the recent rise in inflation may last longer than anticipated.

In a speech that he will deliver to the Senate Banking Committee, the central bank chair said economic growth has “continued to strengthen” but has been met with upward price pressures caused by supply chain bottlenecks and other factors.

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Fed Chair Powell and Treasury Secretary Yellen testify before Congress on CARES Act — 9/28/21


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  2. She's talking about "Tax Gaps" but it's my opinion they'll use the auditors to audit the crypto currency traders. That is where the real tax evasion is. Most crypto traders don't keep records of every trade because they don't think the government will find out how much they profited.

  3. Yellen wants to tax us on unrealized capitol gains! If you invest 1000 dollars and the value goes up to 5000 dollars, then loses value and returns to 1000 dollars, she wants to tax you on the 5000 dollars you ALMOST made. That's criminal grand larceny.

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