Ex-Trump aide reveals the text she sent to Meadows on Jan. 6

Former Trump communications director Alyssa Farah speaks to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota about the text she sent to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on January 6. #CNN #News


  1. If Obama and his cabinet did anything like this they would be in jail guaranteeing the minute they did these things when are these clowns going to be held accountable they're all guilty in my mind

  2. MARK “SWAMPY” MEADOWS belongs in jail. He has blood on his hands. We can also thank this creep for giving us Madison C. In North Carolina. Meadows has not conscience. TRUMP BEFORE COUNTRY is SWAMPY MEADOWS mantra!

  3. The Democrats who were involved with the Russian collusion hoax,,, including hillary Clinton,,who tried to steal our democracy away,,IS going to be held accountable, and when the Republicans take the house back, she will be charged with insurrection, by hacking the white house computers and phones…

  4. so many experts here IF he would of gone on TV who would have seen it ..grandma and grandpa what good would have that done,,,,,,,why are we seeing only one side of this .

  5. 1. Was there a plan to breach the Capitol Building? Answer: Yes
    2. Were (are) there people who planned the 6th January attacks? Answer: Yes
    3. Did those who planned the "Capitol Breach" conspire? Answer: Yes
    4. Was not the outcome of the breach DEATHS, MAYHEM AND PROPERTY DAMAGE? Answer:Yes
    Given each of these questions answer a "Yes," and a 25% for each yes answer, a "Crime was committed against the Capitol Building," based on a process of planning many days; GADGETS including weapons, spraying equipment and other blunt equipment were secured in advance of the Commission of CONSPIRACY. DID THEY CHANT, HANG MARK PENCE, A THEN SITTING VICE PRESIDENT? YES! So, where are we and what will we do?

  6. still no major arrest for a seditious conspiracy lead by the disgraced former president Trump, Trumps chief of staff and a gang of congressional members in the house and Senate who conspired to undermine American democracy

    prosecutors will go where the evidence takes them……duhhhh. but I think they got lost and can't find the forms to print out arrest warrants.

    where is the accountability for this stuff –
    "hang mike pence" that is a criminal threat
    offering pardons that is witness tampering
    inciting violence Jan 6 thats a crime

    interfering with elections thats a crime

    contempt of congress thats a crime
    fake electors thats a crime their foot soldiers committed

    kelly ward and spouse and others, impersonating as government electors even after Barr and Pence said they could not do that

    Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act applies to what Trump did and does.

    By summer time, Georgia is entering phase 2 of their prosecution efforts for election interference……wowwwww. any other crime would only take weeks if they wanted.

    such lack of urgency!
    their slow actions indicate a lack of understanding of the severity of what's going on here. this is not business as usual. somebody needs to help them with their priorities.

    it is not acceptable to blame covid for the delays…..we need all hands on deck you prosecutors and judges out there……the clock is ticking!

    now the committee says the big reveal has been done and all politicians should disvove Trump. is that all the committee will give us? what about arresting those for contempt of Congress…. they can do that now!

    Will a jury convict? Yes, there is so much evidence that a jury will convict!

    Why is Garland not acting on this or at least giving us a status report?

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